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Life lessons: pride and humility

Spark from afar


My sister was telling that she told her husband once, “You know, you are blessed to have me because even if, God forbid, all these “riches” will be stripped away from us, I know how to survive because I grew up in a “poor” family and we struggled with a lot of things…”

That moment when you can even brag about the struggles you had been… I think that’s one of the rare moments where both pride and humility come to play. Humbled by the challenges but God has just been keeping us in His arms all along… and we take pride that whatever we have now, they didn’t come easy… but definitely made us stronger in the process. 

There’s this saying in Filipino something like, “when the blanket is short, let to bend your legs to fit in.” We learned then that “happiness” can still be found even…

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