Even you… even me… and even if…

Spark from afar

Even the “encouragers” need encouragement
And the strong needs to replenish their strength
Even the clowns need a source of joy
And the peace makers need inner stillness

Even the dancers need to learn some more moves
And the runners need water to run some more
Even the greatest cook needs a touch of fondness
And the writers need a whisper of amusement

Even the players need some moment to breathe
And the performers need the merriment of the crowd
Even the celebrities need a time to commemorate
And the superstars need a spot to rest.

Even you… even me… and even if…
The truth remains, I need you and you need me.
But above all the needs and wants, wishes and dreams
The endless satisfaction can only be found in HIM.

PS: written on 08 April 2011

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About sparkfromafar

I love bringing joy to people. I am refreshed as I refresh them.

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