Daily Archives: March 16, 2016

You are infinite! :)

Spark from afar

Lately, my old posts in Facebook is giving me the idea of what to blog. I once said that sometimes the best preaching that you need to hear are your own words. It’s like looking in a mirror and telling yourself, “Hey, you have been through this before. These are your own words. Now, walk the talk!” And so the other day, I was browsing Facebook’s “On This Day” reminders and I stumbled upon these posts.

Exactly 2 years ago, I went to Malaysia for various reasons. During those times, I was so confused if I will take my boss’ offer to move in Shanghai. It should be a great opportunity right? But no, it didn’t come that easy. In fact, I was so broken and clueless then. My boss thought of this move because actually my visa extension in Singapore got rejected. After doing all the best they could to have it approved, still…

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