Daily Archives: March 25, 2016

Live the Message of Love

Christ on the cross with light

Today, we think of Christ who is slain

That new life we would gain

Take time to remember His pain

His mocking crown of thorns

Hated for His message

Scorned for His courage

Beaten because of fear

Betrayed by Judas

Crucified for our sins

Take time to reflect on why He came

His ministry of love for all

The miracles He performs

The many lives He touches

Then, let us say thanks to Him

Following His instruction to His followers

Love one another as He loves us

Listen to the suffering of others

Do what we can to alleviate it

Dare to stand up for what we believe in

Advocate for people being treated with injustice

Allow ourselves needed quiet time with God

Practice the power of presence

Preach the gospel of love, acceptance and forgiveness

Be Christ’s extended arms of compassion

Be willing to forgive those who have hurt us

Bring hope to the hopeless

Smile more

Sing more

Laugh more

Love more

Live the calling God has for you

Live His message of love

Kevin Osborne is training to become a psychotherapist, priest and chaplain through St. James the Elder University in Jacksonville, Florida. He and his wife, Karen, plan to open a counselling practice. Karen is taking graduate divinity studies at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. Kevin is planning on taking additional graduate studies there. He is a member of The Word Guild, a Christian writer’s group in Canada.

Our greatest calling is to be servants of our Lord wherever He calls us to go.