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What is love?

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535106_10207687534639814_2083731680685319132_nWhat is love, oh what is love?

Will it take you a lifetime to really understand it?

Or our lifetime would not even be enough to fully comprehend it?

Love, love, do we really (really) know it?

How far will we walk ‘til we say we have loved?

How much will we give up ‘til we say we have done enough?

Are there any rules of thumb for love?

Or the answer is forever seeking?

Do we express love in the same measure we seek for it?

Do we convey it in the similar way we desire for it?

Or can we even quantify it?

Or maybe it doesn’t even matter?

What is love without giving?

What is love without sacrificing?

What is love if it can be measured?

What is love if it can be repaid?

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not…

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