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My progress. So I started a detox/portion control diet on March 1st but didn’t start recording my progress until March 5th. I was 116 and by March 25th, I was down to 105. Easter weekend was really hard on me. I wouldn’t be surprised if most everyone dieting also gained a few back, because I did. I originally wanted to lose 15 lbs in 30 days, but I’m taking advantage of the next 3 weeks to make up for those cheat days. I’m currently visiting David and his family in LA and so far my healthy eating habits are rubbing off on a few. I’ve put him on a diet and he’s lost 5 lbs in only 7 days. He wasn’t at all crazy about a before and after picture :/ but I have my sneaky ways. 🙂 I’ve given up cheat days, and only have cheat meals. I’ll be posting our progress in a week or 2. Follow me on Snapchat @sheelaleigh so you can have my detox recipes for free. 🙂 Out of experimenting on myself, I’ve developed an eating plan that should work for most women (menstruating women). Besides mucoid plaque, I believe the reason why most fad diets don’t work for every man and every woman is because there’s a link between vitamins and minerals and hormones. FYI my diet is not vegan or vegetarian.

By His Grace, Sheela


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Hello, welcome! :) This space has everything that I am passionate about. I am a Christian, a writer, an artist, and a health enthusiast dedicated to helping others overcome mental and emotional struggles.

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  1. Thanks for your open sharing of your struggles and victories with your diet. Karen and I will keep praying for your continued progress.

    In the setbacks I pray you’ll remember your triumphs.

    Your life is it’s own testimony of God’s abiding grace, strength and hope.


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