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When waiting, don’t wait

Spark from afar


When waiting for your breakthrough, don’t just wait and see how things will unfold. Get up and keep moving forward.

When waiting for your promotion, don’t just wait there ‘till it happens. Keep on equipping yourself, keep on paving your way to your promotion.

When waiting for  a “change” in your life, don’t just wait and let your day pass by.  Change the way you see things and change the way you work then change will come.

When waiting for your big moment, don’t just wait and agonize yourself on waiting. Make each moment count because your big moment starts from that seemingly “unimportant” one.

When waiting for the answer to your prayers, don’t just wait for the answer to fall on your lap. Keep on seeking GOD, obey HIS words and ALL THESE things shall be added unto you.

When waiting for your dreams to come true, don’t just…

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