Christian Media Survey 2016 (Mindseat)

If you look at Christian media on the internet please consider spending a few moments helping with this survey. On average the survey takes less than 4 minutes to complete. If you are interested in the background to this survey scroll down for an explanation. THANKS!

Access the survey here

So whats this all about?
The internet has caused shifts in behaviour and this impacts our faith. For example there is evidence that:

  • We don’t remember things any more … “we don’t know anything, we simply know where to look”
  • We are becoming adept at taking in information but it is superficial … “our knowledge is spread a mile wide and an inch deep”
  • There are issues of trust when viewing religious material on the internet where … “everyone’s a theologian”
  • People’s behaviour changes for the worse online compared to face to face
  • We may be losing the ability to rest properly

… but there also many advantages! I am working on a project that will summarise some of these topics. Please help is you can!


About Chris Goswami

Blogger of the Year - Christian blogger on Director of Marketing and Communications for a Silicon Valley company, Minister In Training for the Baptist Church in the UK, and a . Married to Alison with 3 daughters.

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  1. Very interested to see what comes of this. Christian Media is important.

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