Guess blogging for an NGO

I apologize to my team in Mind’s Seat if I have not posted for a couple of years. I have been busy in my pursuit of a meaningful life. Lately I have joined a training for Community Development Works in an NGO called GODUCATE. Goducate came from the words “go and educate”. We go to communities and teach about health, livelihood, moral values, parenthood, and sports. Part of our ministry is holding sports camps in schools and barangays and teach them the gospel. Below is an article I contributed to the official blog of Goducate.
Goducate holds 1st sports camp in a barangay in Iloilo
“We make it fun”, that’s what we always say in Goducate, whether it be in our team-building or any other activity. And we like to rise to the challenge—in this case, of bringing a sports camp to a barangay (village) instead of bringing the campers to the Goducate Training Center. Read full article..

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  1. Marmar, great to hear from you, dear friend! GODUCATE –that’s a catchy name for the organization you work for. It’s easy to remember and has a message within its name to generate interest in how God is put in education. How did you learn about this NGO?

    God’s richest blessings to you and in your ministry.


  2. Hi Kevin. a friend of mine recommended me to be trained in this organization for community development work. our training completed last june 17 and i’ll be staying to work with this org. hoping to get more stories in the community work.

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