Why you’re not at peace

What is it about work? Work should have a good place in our lives as should career and drive as well as the work we do bringing up children and looking after our home. But so often work can rob us of peace. Sometimes we are even unsure what “peace” actually is.
What IS peace? is a good question to ask, and part of the answer is that what our world calls peace is not the same peace that God wants you to have. The two are different.

Listen to a story from the sea and some wisdom from under the sea. You’ll see the difference.

Story length: 6m

A tidal wave on the ocean can destroy everything in its path – down in the depths it is barely noticed.

Christian Peace

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The story “What will my reward be” used in this podcast is of unknown origin.

Chris Goswami is Director or Marketing for a Silicon Valley based company and a Minister In Training in the UK Baptist Church. His personal site is www.7minutes.net

About Chris Goswami

Blogger of the Year - Christian blogger on www.7minutes.net. Director of Marketing and Communications for a Silicon Valley company, Minister In Training for the Baptist Church in the UK, and a . Married to Alison with 3 daughters.

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