As Christmas draws nigh, one should look out for Christmas in Christmas. It’s celebrating:

Christ who came
Healing our diseases
Restoring our hearts
Infusing into us love, joy, peace in the Holy Ghost
Sitting in for us at all times
Taking upon Himself the sins of mankind
He wants us all to:
Muster our tongues
Act in true Christianity and
Serve the Lord and our neighbours wholeheartedly.

That is what Christ does for us, it is equally what He wants us to do for ourselves and our neighbours, just like GOD did for us when He sent us a little parcel CHRISTMAS. 


About sallysuccess

Of Cameroonian nationality, holder of a B.Sc. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea. Reading and writing, positive talking and excellence are pleasures. Believes everyone can positively impact the world, even from a small corner of the globe. Strives to be a blessing to someone, somehow, somewhere. A lover of Christ; Bishop of my soul. As prized as you are, I'll let you decide "about me".

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  1. A touching reflection on what Christian faith and the exercising of Christ’s love in us should mean. This line in particular moved me deeply, that Christ “restores our hearts.” In the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season we need to take time to restore our weary hearts, and be renewed by the infilling of Christ’s love. that is so wonderful any words I would ever write wouldn’t fully describe the depth and breadth of it. This amazing love brought me to Christ 34 years ago. May that tremendous love flowing from the Cross at Calvary be always alive within me, you and all of us.

    Let us all hear the moving voices of the Master’s College Chorale remind us of Christ’s love for us all.

    Keep up the inspiring writing!

    Shalom, dear friend.


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