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Believe what you are believing!

Spark from afar

I honestly miss sharing my devotions through blogging but I got really swamped with my work and new business. I have great testimonies to share that maybe I will share in details next time. What I can say for now is that GOD has been teaching me a LOT and brought me to a new level of maturity last year. Skills are great and knowledge is a necessity but the works of the Holy Spirit in my life has been so tangible. He has been teaching me what to do, not just in my “churchy stuffs” but in everything – be it spiritual or practical.

And for this year? This word has been echoing in my heart since the year started: BELIEVE.

“Go; just as you BELIEVED, it will be done for you.” Matt 8:13, NET

The LORD asked me, ”what are you believing this 2017?” Then I said, ”I have a…

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