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A Quick Conversation Between Heart and Mind

Spark from afar

heart and mind.jpg

Mind:Mag-isip ka naman!

Heart: Aba, makiramdam ka naman!

Mind:Well, I was told to lead you.

Heart:They say, you love with no reason. Malalaman mong mahal mo pag wala kang dahilan. What about you? Why don’t you just stop analyzing things. Feel it, don’t analyze.Let it flow my friend!

Mind:Love is not a feeling. It is a decision. You got to make a decision. You got to lead your heart.

Heart:But what is there to decide if you are not feeling anything in the first place?

Mind:That’s why the Bible says to guard your heart. All these emotions… All these feelings… Listen carefully, GUARD YOUR HEART.

Heart:Right and the Bible also says to renew your mind daily

Mind:True. I tell you what. Why don’t we just pray? I will let go of my thoughts and you let go of your feelings then, let’s…

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