Jesus: No Ordinary Teacher (Part 3)

JESUS is no ordinary teacher. Allow yourself to be taught by Him, and you’ll sure be on life’s best path.


Jonathan Camac


I’m currently undergoing an education degree. Training to be a teacher. And throughout my first year, I learnt some of the qualities and disciplines required of a good teacher.

In looking back on 2016, I began a summary of the key qualities to a proficient teacher. Just jotted some bullet points onto paper. And being a Jesus follower, knowing his claim to be our teacher, I looked at the list and asked myself one question:

How would Jesus stack up to the list?



In Part 2 we covered three more bullet points. A good teacher sets clear classroom standards, becomes a role model of how to live within them, and then sacrifices time to help struggling students in the classroom.

Jesus aced the test. In fact, he far surpasses the standards of a good teacher. But now we turn our attention to three more qualities of…

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About Sallysuccess

I'm a Christian; a Cameroonian, a journalist. I like reading, writing and exhuming positivity. I believe you and I can positively impact the world from a small corner of the globe. I strive to be a blessing to someone, somehow, somewhere; as Christ, lover of my soul did. Welcome to my world!

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  1. Sally, thanks for sharing this extremely well-written piece from Jonathan. I enjoyed reading it. It reminded me of the qualities I need to emulate in my Christian witness. I asked myself, “Father, what yet do I need to learn to be a communicator of Your truth? Where do I fall short? How can I be better than I am?” Thank God for the healing gift of His forgiveness. Where I go from here can be better and filled with a greater joy if I truly trust Him to teach the lessons I need to learn, to fully become the man of God He had in mind when He created me. Father, make us more than we are. Amen.

  2. Father, make us more than we are. All things ar epossible to You, unto Your glory. We rely and depend entirely on You. Amen!

  3. Thanks for reading Kevin. When I read the piece myself, I said, Jesus is really no ordinary teacher. He teachers teachers and non-teachers. And, moreover, we only stop learning when we stop living. My prayer is that we all fall to learn at His knees and at His example. I know His grace is ever sufficient for us, and His Holy Spirit is ever willing and patient to teach us.

    Teach us oh Lord; and give us the right disposition of mind to yield to your teaching. Amen!

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