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Remember the memories of the future…

Spark from afar


Remember the first miracle of Jesus? He turned the water into wine (John 2:1-11). It wasn’t supposed to happen yet as Jesus said in verse 4, “My hour has not yet come” but He was challenged at that moment and had to respond based from the “promised future”. 


When all the noises in the world take you out from your focus… all the what if(s), why not(s)… Fears and doubts… When your emotion is raging like there’s no tomorrow, take a pause and remember the “memories of the future”. Your God-given vision is your future. Remember that encounter when God handed you that vision. Maybe it was the time you wrestled with God. Maybe it was in your silence or in your dream or through prophesy. Remember and cling on to every word. Make those God-given promises of the future your strength for today – you will…

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