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Thanks seems so little to say

thanks veterans what is courage

Thank you seems so little to say to those soldiers who go into the hellish fray

Those who are willing to die

These men and women who filled with fear fight with courage

The enemy with determined will they seek to discourage

There is no back up in them

No saying I give up

No words of retreat they speak

In foxholes cold and damp

Through bitter winter and blazing summer heat

they suffer

Through tears hidden, seldom shown

Though bloodied, bruised and battered


Worn down

Wrung out

Images etched of suffering unspeakable

Minds forever damaged by too many horrifying memories

Bullets ending the life of a comrade beside you

Bombs blasting limbs apart

Soldiers coming back disabled for life

Never able to put the pieces of their lives back together

Thanks seems so little to say

But we know you would not want us to live with sadness

You would want us to have a spirit of gladness

Knowing we have the freedom to laugh

To tell a good joke

To share in that healing power of happiness

To say what is on our mind

Living the value of being loving, of being kind

Thankful for the many blessings we have

Mindful of those who are starving both at home and abroad

Sacrifice lives on death’s dark sod

Blood mixed with the soil

Lest we never forget the price that was paid

Thank you seems so little

Thankful more than any words could ever say

that we can share our blessings with others every day

Dr. Kevin James Osborne, D.Sc., D.D., Psy D. Candidate, is the Vice-President of Institutional and Mission Advancement for St. James the Elder University.  He was recently named to the office of Chaplain by Most Reverend Heyward B. Ewart Ph.D., Psy.D., D.D., who is the Head of Holy Catholic Church International. Kevin and Karen have a private counseling practice called You Can Hope Again Counselling. Kevin is a Doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D.) candidate at St. James the Elder University.  When he graduates, he feels God is leading him to study for a Master of Theology degree in Catholic Theology through St. James the Elder University, in preparation to become a deacon and then a priest with Holy Catholic Church International. Kevin will take that longer journey to doctoral studies in theology in preparation to become a professor integrating psychology with theology.  Karen plans to take graduate studies in psychology and theology.  Our journey is all about being servants of Christ’s love to others.