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Healing Poem for People of Toronto

light shones in the darkness but darkness does not understand it

How can we begin to know the sorrow you are going through?

Lives are torn apart

A young man turning away from love

Committing an act of smoldering hatred

How your mind and spirit must be filled with such a huge weight

Why did this man go on a killing rampage?

Killing more women than men

More questions than answers

It’s okay to be filled with alternating numbness, anger, and sadness

I would be filled with all those emotions too

if I lost my wife, Karen, while she was walking down the street

While she was enjoying the beauty of the sun, the blue sky, birds singing

Trees dancing in the wind

Nothing will ever bring back precious lives lost

That is true

But what we all can say to the families and friends of the victims is this:

We love you

Through your time of grieving, we’ll be there

We care

We will share your burdens

It seems right now hate is more powerful than love

But it isn’t

It never will be

Through this tragedy, people are showing the best of their humanity

The florist giving out free flowers to the grieving

People paying for a stranger’s meal

Buying a coffee for someone you don’t know at Tim Hortons

The power of love paying it forward

Hand-written notes at the memorial saying you’re not alone

Too many compassionate Facebook and Twitter messages to count

Darkness can’t understand the Light

How could it ever?

The Light that gave its life for you, for me

The Love that sets the captive free

The Hope for suffering humanity

Love is the most powerful thing of all

Stronger than hate

Love is the greatest gift we can give

The present wounded in spirit welcome receiving

May you feel compassionate hearts reach out to you

Praying you will have times of comfort and peace

In your tears will be a much-needed healing release

Dr. Kevin James Osborne, Psy D., D.Sc., D.D., is the Vice-President of Institutional and Mission Development for St. James the Elder University.  He feels God is leading him to graduate study in theology and counseling. Karen is a counsellor. She is also a Master to Doctoral student in Psychology at SJEU. Our mission field is wherever God puts us for His glory.