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Coming Home

Lord I'm coming home

Dear readers:

How would your life change if you decided to come home to God? Whether you’ve known Him for decades or you haven’t been introduced, we all in our own way can come home to God. We can really get to know Him much more. As Karen and I deal with increasing challenges of me having things like many more lesions on my arms, legs, and torso from the extremely rare autoimmune disease of mastocytosis that Karen says is like having allergy on steroids, we’re coming to know our Father like we never have before.  We stumble. We fall. We all get it wrong. Karen and I do that every day as we deal with this terrible disease, we pray will one day have a cure for all who suffer from it. Sometimes the challenge isn’t daily. Sometimes it’s sudden and shocking like the death of a deeply, deeply loved person, that leaves you floundering in shock and horror. But here’s the wonderful news! We can all come home to God either again or for the very first time, and He will welcome us with open arms.

Have a richly blessed new year!

Anyone stained with sin can receive pardon.

You can come home to God.

He will cleanse you from all your sin.

He will let love for others dwell within.

All that is needed is for you to say,

“Lord, I’m tired of living life this way.

Please forgive me for how I’ve gone astray.

God, I want to come home to You today.”


If you say this prayer;

if you believe it with your  heart,

new life in you will start.

You will no longer be the same,

because this is the day you came home,

no longer to roam.


You can know God’s love for all eternity.

For it says in John 3:16,

“For God so loved the world that He gave…”

He gave His one and only Son for all,

not just for the vilest offender.

Christ died for you and for me.


Whether you don’t know God or want to feel Him more,

breathe in His life with every heartbeat, every prayer;

in the way you need most, He’ll be there.

Christ died for the whosoever.

No one is beyond redemption.

No one is denied His love,

no matter what they’ve done.


The cost of our Lord’s love is free.

It’s a gift from now into eternity.


Cast upon Christ your every care

and hear Him say, “From your shackles of sin, I want to set you forever free.

Blessed child, I love you, I’m here.

Thanks for coming home to Me.”

Dr. Kevin James Osborne, Psy D., D.Sc., D.D., is the Vice-President of Institutional and Mission Development for St. James the Elder University. He is a chaplain with Holy Catholic Church International. Dr. Kevin Osborne feels God is leading him to study more about theology, music, writing, and counseling. Dr. Karen Osborne D.Sc. in Psychology is a counselor and a writer. Our mission field is wherever God puts us for His glory. Below, is our counseling website. If you feel we can help you, we are only a phone call away at 1-705-316-0725. You can reach us also by emailing us at or

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