Daily Archives: October 11, 2021

Choose Your Wheelbarrow

If you think of your life as a wheelbarrow what happens when it is full of rocks? There is no room for anything else. If the rocks are the hate you hold on to, you can not move forward. Your wheelbarrow will be much harder to push. Empty all your rage into it. Visualize in your mind taking a match and letting that fury burn away. Then, you will have room for a more beautiful life than you would have had otherwise.

I know. It is not that simple. The harm others have done to you is not healed as if it was never there. The sting of it can linger on. When I was five years old a bee was chasing me. I tried to get away from it. I peddled my tricycle as fast as I could. The bee caught up with me. It died as it left its stinger in my left hand. The pain from it did not go away in a few minutes; it took several hours before it was gone.

Healing from wounds is a process. We need to treat it with an antibiotic to avoid infection setting in. If we apply the right treatment the wound can heal.

Love is a healing balm. It takes time for its medication to work.

There will be some wounds that are so deep they leave scars. Think of them as reminders of how not to treat others.

We all get it wrong. We all blow it. There are days when our love will be more like a flicker than a flame. When tomorrow comes we can try to be better people than we were the day before.

We can in time forgive, but we never forget. It remains a part of our memories.

It was only as I was willing to let go of hate that love bloomed. If I had not it would have destroyed all of my relationships. I would not have had the energy to love my wife, Karen, and others.

Tomorrow is a new chalkboard with a clean slate to write on. We can choose to fill it with words full of hate or love.

Each day we have a choice of the kind of people we will be.

“Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes.” — Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Spread love in your communities. It will change people’s lives. You will encounter many who have received and lost love or never been loved. The compassion you show to them will speak words of life into their souls. Having been treated with kindness they will be inspired to be like that with other people.

Loneliness would no longer be part of their existence. They would be too busy giving out the love they have received, because of the difference it made to their lives. I leave you with this question. What wheelbarrow will you choose?

I’m a sinner saved by grace trying to teach others where to find it.