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Coffee with Christ

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

The curtain rises.

Narrator: Kevin is streaming some quiet hymns as he begins his day in the living room of the home he shares with his wife, Karen, in Matheson, northern Ontario.

He is sipping his morning coffee as he sits on the sofa.

It’s three weeks before Christmas.

On the top of Kevin’s desk in the living room, there is a ceramic nativity scene with the word PEACE with a star over the A. On top of the A is a star. There is an angel holding a wreath with the shape of a heart.

Kevin is wearing a red long tee, casual beige pants, and running shoes.

A knock comes to the front door. Kevin opens it. There is shock on his face as he feels in his spirit it’s Christ. Jesus is dressed in blue jeans and a red and black checkered shirt. He is wearing a blue parka. His eyes meet Kevin’s.

Christ: Could I come in for a while? My feet are sore. It takes it out of a fellow walking on your cement sidewalks. I’m wearing sandals. They were good enough when I walked for miles with my disciples speaking with the rich and the poor. I’m sad to say many people don’t think about my Father and me that much. Why do you think that is?

Kevin: Um. Uh….Um.,,. Why are you asking me? I’m sorry, Lord. I’m taking in that it’s you. It’s really you. Why are you wearing sandals when it’s snowing?

Christ: They were all sold out at Canadian Tire. Isn’t that where people buy their winter boots in northern Ontario?

Kevin: Jesus, there are other places you can go. Where are my manners? Please, please come in. I’ll give you mine. I got them from Canadian Tire. They will keep your feet warm.

Narrator: Kevin gives Christ his boots that are on their welcome mat at the front door to their home.

Christ: Kevin, thanks for your kindness. I came to you because you were thinking of me as you were having your coffee. Others were doing that too, but I just decided to pick you. Is that okay with you?

Kevin: Sure. I’m still recovering from the sight of seeing you.

Christ: I get that a lot.

Kevin: Come, Lord, and sit down on my recliner chair. Would you like a coffee?

Christ: Yes, I would. Now, I must get to the point of my visit.

Kevin: Here. Kevin gives Christ a cup of coffee. How do you take it?

Christ: What does that mean How do I take it?

Kevin: What would you like in it?

Christ: I’m sorry, my child. I don’t understand. You just gave me a coffee. Why would I make it into something else? That would be insulting my host.

Kevin: It’s part of what many of us do with coffee. Some have a teaspoon of sugar and no milk or cream. Others have nothing but coffee. They tell whoever is serving the coffee they take it black. Karen likes it with double cream and no sugar. There are people who like several teaspoons of sugar with their coffee.

Christ: So,,,, some people like coffee in their sugar.

Kevin: Strange, I know.

Christ: It certainly is. Kevin, I’ll come another time to talk about your customs. I must get to the point of my coming to you. I almost forgot. I’ll take my coffee with some cream and one teaspoon of sugar.

Narrator: Kevin puts the cream and sugar in Christ’s coffee. Jesus takes a few sips from it.

Kevin: Shoot.

Christ: Shoot? Why would I come here to shoot you? I don’t understand what this word means in the way you used it.

Kevin: I’m sorry, Lord. I meant to go ahead and tell me why you’re here.

Christ: I see. You humans can be rather funny.

Kevin: Got that right.

Christ: I have a message for you to share on your blog Dreaming Together for a Better World. Catchy title. I like it.

Kevin: I can’t take the credit for it. Your Father gave me the idea eight years ago.

Christ: I know. He told me. Kevin, we see there’s much love for others in your writing. The Outsider really got to us. You understood the homeless man appearing at the church door needed to be loved, and not judged.

Kevin: Thanks for the encouragement. I’m beginning to think you had more than one purpose for your visit.

Christ: Very perceptive. I shall now tell you the message we have for you to share. We want you to write about the cup of coffee you had with me. Write it as a play.

Kevin: That’s it?

Christ: Just one more thing. Put in it that in the busyness of the holiday season, people need to take more time to remember me and why I came to earth. I’m Immanuel, which as you know, means God is with us.

Kevin: I’ll be sure to do that. Anything else you want me to say?

Christ: Yes. Tell your readers to make their lives count for something. Leave this world a little better for their presence.

Kevin: Be glad to do that.

Christ: I must go now. I’ve enjoyed our coffee together. Next time I come could you please tell Karen I would enjoy some sweet potato casserole with extra brown sugar. I have a sweet tooth. The things you humans make can be so delicious.

Kevin: I’ll do that. But how will Karen know you’ve been here.

Christ: She’ll see the glory of God on your face. Then, she’ll know. Please pray for us.

Kevin: I will. I love you, Jesus.

Christ: We love you and Karen too. God bless you both richly! Have a joyful Christmas!

Kevin: We pray you and your Father have a delightful Christmas.

Christ: Thank you, Kevin. I’ll pass that along to my Father.


Christ puts on the boots Kevin gave him. He exits the Osborne home stage right.

Kevin kneels. Stage lights dim down until only one light is on him. He puts his hands together in prayer. He asks God for the thoughts to write the play and to speak with Karen.

We can make our communities better by being kinder to one another.

Remember that in everything you face in life, God is with you.

The message of Christmas is to keep the spirit of it in our hearts every day. That spirit is inside all of us. If you search inside yourself, you’ll find it.

There are lonely people who have nowhere to go this Christmas. Bring it to them. An inexpensive gift, a Christmas meal, and even a half-hour of your time would be so heart-warming. You don’t need to go far to find these people. They’re all around you.


Kevin stands and faces the audience.

I pray this play has spoken to your heart. It’s my gift to you my readers to share with others. Thanks for following Dreaming Together for a Better World.

How will I explain to Karen why I don’t have any winter boots. When I tell her the story, I’m sure she’ll understand.


Karen calls out to Kevin from the bedroom. She is wearing a light blue shimmering nightgown and a red robe. She yawns.


Excuse me, narrator, I thought the play was over.


God must have added a few more lines. It’s His play, right?

Kevin: Um. Uh…yeh. How will I know what to say?


Don’t worry about it. God will give us the words.


Who am I to argue with God?


I’ll never forget this play.


Me neither.


Karen whispers, “Kevin, it’s past time for my line. “


Sorry, Luv. God decided to have the last word.


And this is a surprise to you how?


Good point.


Darling, I heard you talking. Who would come this early? It’s 7:30 a.m.


Kevin has a surprised look on his face as all the words God wants him to say come naturally.


I’ll come and tell you about it.


Kevin is on his way to the bedroom when he sees an envelope on his desk. It has the names Kevin and Karen on it. He opens it. The card reads: “Thank you for the time we shared together. Here’s something you weren’t expecting -Jesus.” Inside there is a gift card from Canadian Tire for $300. It was enough to get Kevin and Karen a pair of the same winter boots Kevin gave Jesus, once they were back in stock.

Kevin smiles.


Jesus, you think of everything.


Kevin goes to Karen and gives her a hug and kiss. Kevin buries his head into Karen’s left shoulder. She exclaims, “Darling, there’s something different about you. Your face is shining!” Put a spotlight on Kevin’s face. Kevin says,” I just finished having coffee with Christ. It all started. when he visited me this morning…”

The lights fade to black as Kevin closes the bedroom door.

The curtain goes down.


Have a blessed Christmas!

The cast comes out to have the audience join in singing Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee.

I’m a stumbling sinner saved by grace trying to teach others about it.

Below, is a link for The Outsider.