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Being Still

Being Still

by Susan Irene Fox


A lazy Sunday afternoon we sit

In side by side a hushed companionship

As leaves spiral to autumn’s bluesy beat

In this restful place on love’s wine we sip

You freely to me did your life commit

And knowing this I am in grace’s grip

We speak of things that no one else can hear

You hold me, touch my heart and wipe my tears


This time with you is treasured, honored, prized

We each attend the other, first and first

No veil between us, just the space comprised

Of love, compassion, hope and trust immersed

In faithfulness and joy, so undisguised

So filled with you I think my heart would burst

These precious moments cannot be replaced

Until forever, they must be embraced


As life does pull me toward things I must tend

I’m saddened and dismayed, I must confide

I know our time together now must end

Yet knowing, I perceive you still abide

As life surrounds, on you I will depend

Your love is vastly high and deep and wide

Love’s grace and mercy present each new day

Be still, so I can give it all away