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The Return

When our heads are hung deep into the pity party session, we hardly find time to see the good around us. This was me just a few days ago. As soon as I got this epiphany, it became mandatory to hit my blog.


For those my ardent readers, you all would know about my processing (as I now call it)for the past two years. The downs and semi ups and downs and downs and downs (in a nutshell ). I just need to reiterate, that I felt like loosing it BUT GOD. For most of the time, I thought of myself, since I could not understand why I was in such a situation. I am child of God for crying out loud, what was happening. (Again, my processing). However, amidst it all, God always showed me something beautiful. The “glory” of the view would be short lived, since it was not what I wanted to see but I tarried and I am still here, much better than before.

In realizing wondering and complaining wasn’t helping the situation, I decided to channel my thoughts differently  (which I believe was Holy Spirit inspired). “Why not help others”, I thought, even though my treasure box was almost empty. With this, I decided to have a charity drive until Christmas and started collecting food items and clothing. I went to my wardrobe and picked out pieces of clothing I would have still worn, to give away (SIDE NB: When giving,  please give your best).

What I didn’t realize is, my thought of unselfishness was all God wanted. As soon as my eyes came off of me and why am I here, and what did I do and why and why and why, God did something amazing.


My aunt came to support me at an event recently and brought along a BIG BAG of fancy clothing for me. I said thanks  (was grateful ) and moved along. Today though, my eyes really opened. The clothing I recieved was given to me before I even gave. My groceries was somehow replenished, not denting my finances, as it usually do. Isn’t God amazing,WHEN WE DO RIGHT BY HIM.

We all go through trials but I have learnt that the worst thing we can do is have a pity party or become so engrossed in self that we forget the needs of others. Those families which will be blessed are in more need than I am. Blessing the hearts of others is an integral part of the Christian walk and sometimes it’s good to bless even before you are blessed. Even when your pocket is almost dry, should you be asked for money, why not split what you have? It sounds crazy but God honors such a heart because it shows that you are not about self but about love.

I was always a giver but that’s when I had to give. God tested me in my dry season and though it took a while to realize, I am glad I did. It’s good to be an all time Christian. Be blessed and be a blessing. Don’t give for the return but I promise there will be one when you give.

– Candace Cudjoe