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What has God called you to do? This is one of the big questions that many Christians are asking and you can go years before you finally find out. When I was a member of a housegroup, we all took turns to say what we thought a persons gifts were and we were surprised by the answers, not being aware of what we appeared to be to others. my gifts are encouragement, telling it like it is, prayer ministry and poetry and it took years to understand what I had. If you are wondering, just ask someone who knows you well to say what they see in you, it may surprise you.

The Lord has got a job for me
I found that out this week
But He won’t tell me what it is
His secret, He won’t leak
Patience is a virtue
And I have tons of that
What can this special mission be
We’ll have to have a chat

Prepare the way, oh Lord, I pray
Equip me with Your strength
To do the task that You have willed
Please help me go the length
The world has shrivelled into nowt
And I am truly Yours
Together we can do that job
And be a potent force.