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The Power of a Pebble and your Smile

resolutions not years but the day

If we all resolved to be better people we would touch so many lives who need that caring hand that leads to hope and a better life. What if in 2019 that began with you? Think of the impact you would make if you reached out and touched one life, who touches another, and that life changes another. One small stone can create a ripple effect of caring that begins simply by being that tiny stone. When you think your life doesn’t make a difference, please think about the influence of a little stone cast into a pond.

I leave you with this thought. Light up someone’s life with your smile — that outstretched hand in their life circumstance. It won’t change the world, but it will change theirs.

the power of a smile

Father, please remind us when the struggle seems unending, when the trial is overwhelming, when darkness overcomes us and we can’t see light,  when hope is hard to find, that we can still change a person’s life with our smile, and being there for that one person. While we may never change the world, we can cast that pebble into a pond and show that smile to that one person who needs it. Who knows? That person might even be me. Amen.

Dr. Kevin James Osborne Psy D., D.Sc., D.D., is the Vice-President of Institutional and Mission Development for St. James the Elder University. He is a chaplain with Holy Catholic Church International. Dr. Kevin Osborne feels God is leading him to study more about theology, music, writing, and counseling. Dr. Karen Osborne D.Sc. in Psychology is a counselor and a writer. Our mission field is wherever God puts us for His glory. Below, is our counseling website. If you feel we can help you, we are only a phone call away at 1-705-316-0725. You can reach us also by emailing us at or

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