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Why do we hide from God?

Image by John Hain from Pixabay 

This morning I listened to a song called The Garden Song performed by Bob Bennett. It got to the heart of this question: Why do we hide from God? It said we feel naked and ashamed. We can be deceived by the lie that darkness speaks to our spirits that there is no release from the torment to our souls. But the truth is that we are clothed by the love of Christ. We need not feel guilt over our sins. They are washed away by the atoning sacrifice of Christ’s blood shed on the Cross for our sins.

I know. You’ve heard this many times before. It’s something we have grown so used to saying as Christians that the power of that truth becomes muted. But think of it this way; God who knows us with all our faults, loves us so much that He gave up His one and only Son for us.

My wife, Karen, and I have spoken with many people over the years. People abuse themselves with the awful judgments they speak over themselves. They have heard the put downs so many times it’s like an ear worm song; they can’t get rid of it. They condemn themselves with the words of others.

I would like you to listen to The Garden Song. Let its message flood your mind and soul.

Allow yourself to put on the clothes that fit because they are the garments of truth designed by God.

When you have done your best to follow God and it seems there are no answers left, just allow our Father to love you through it.

One thing Karen and I have learned is that our current situation never remains permanently the same. It changes or goes away. Another truth is that God never abandons us. The Enemy would like you to think that you are left alone in the cold. God is still there. He’s going through all you are feeling.

When you can’t find you way through a situation, He is there to guide you through it. These aren’t trite thoughts. We can testify that even when there were times it looked like we wouldn’t be able to pay the rent or have enough to eat, God has provided for us.

Through seven intubations for anaphlaxis before a rare autoimmuine disease was diagnosed, not once was God NOT there.

When we say God has never forsaken us, we aren’t just giving you easy words. They are tough ones. Many times we have poured out our heartache out to God. One time Karen was told that my heart was under a tremendous strain. They were preparing Karen for the very real possibility of my death. God brought me right up to the gates of death, but didn’t let me go through them. I still had work to do for our Father. Part of me felt reassured by that, but there was the other part of me that would have rejoiced at being free from the trials of this life.

God has improved my health dramatically compared to when I was intubated seven times in a little over a year. He’s not done with me yet. If you’re reading this message God isn’t finished with you either. Even if it seems that He doesn’t care about your pain and suffering and desperation, He does. He says to you, “I’m not done yet.” He’s working in the background for your good.

We do understand. With the state of our world with war in Ukraine, Putin threatening to use nuclear weapons, a rising cost of living for things like food, gas and clothes, the increasing effects of global warming, who wouldn’t long to spend eternity with God?

When you feel that way, Karen and I pray you remember that no matter how rough it gets, God is still there. He will see you through even when you are lost in the fog, and can’t find your way to Him.

You are clothed in His love. He will never leave you or forsake you. He will be with you even to the end of the age.

My wife, Karen, and I collaborated on this article. We live in the city of Timmins, northern Ontario, Canada. We enjoy writing and talking about all kinds of subjects ranging from theology to local and world news. I am also a tenor and have written some songs. We are uplifted when someone we have spoken with is helped through a rough time. I specialize in the treatment of trauma. But more than anything else, we are stumbling sinners saved by grace.