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A P R P B W P R A – Affirmative Prayers Release Powers By Which Positive Results Are Accomplished

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Words have powerful energy behind them. Some use more negative words over positive ones. Unfortunately for every negative word uttered, a breed of negative feelings and vibrations are born. What you speak and how you speak impacts the kind of energy you will receive from others. The way a person communicates to another is often an indicator of how they speak to themselves. Internal dialogue. For a very long time I struggled with this. Every now and then I still do. I would say the person I was then was definitely entertained with satanic thoughts. I believed since no one could hear my thoughts, who would they hurt? I didn’t realize that slowly but surely I was hurting myself, and the hurt had its ways of showing others that I was angry and in pain. I eventually ended up hurting them. I was a negative person and even if I chose not to say a word, my thoughts were still negatively impacting the people around me, and most of all me. My negative mindset was telling me everyone was bad and I couldn’t trust them. And then my pride would make me believe everybody was wrong because they couldn’t understand me. Me, me, me.

I had to admit to myself this wasn’t healthy. And I had to admit to God that I needed His help to change this about me. I understood that a physically fit person was healthy because he ate healthy food and put his body to work through exercise. And he would only do this because he was disciplined. I realized I had to start eating healthy words and exercise a different way of thinking. It would matter how much discipline I had to help me recover from the self-inflicted pain I endured that I didn’t have to. I’ve got to mention there’s a dangerous trend happening on Tumblr, but you’re probably already exposed to that and I’m speaking especially towards teens. Depressing posts and pictures made to look attractive. Even peer pressure exists as reblogs. What has this world come to?

The Bible is filled with so much freedom, peace, joy, and truth. In it, the Lord provides us with positive knowledge and to anyone who takes it for granted, they’re yet to discover the secret to a happy, healthy, and harmonious life. The Holy Bible is worth golden wisdom! And I’m probably preaching to the choir. Still, there are a lot who need to hear the Word delivered in a style that’s more motivational and encouraging. I have tendencies of trying to fit the Bible into my life when it should be the other way around. We live in a world obsessed with creating and attracting good vibes from the universe, and it’s a deliberate disobedience to God when we opt to choose something else to help us soothe our souls. To the one desperate for change, His promises are filled with heaps of hope.

Affirmations! Affirmations! What you meditate on gives birth to reactions. Truly only God will transform the mind if your heart is willing to compromise in His hands.

In my first year as a “die-hard Christian”, I struggled with prayer especially around friends who prayed so genuinely and confidently. I envied them. In my alone time with God, I prayed anxiously as if I doubted every word I uttered. It’s funny because there were many times before that year when I was alone that I would pray like I had the faith of a child. But when I decided to really give my all to God, I was going through some psychological battles, and it was definitely the darker force that was trying to pull me away from Him. I realized I had to go through that experience so the Lord could reveal to me that His words in the Bible were my weapons. There’s something empowering about vocally declaring faith, and I believe it is because Jesus’ name is above it all. Declaring everything He is, which are all life-giving truths uplifts Him which then uplifts our soul. And that’s all in His name you guys. His will is for you to discover it and for you to agree with it, no matter how many times it takes. Your focus on God will lead you to obey His will. That’s why an individual who hasn’t yet declared Christ as their Savior will not be moved spiritually if they affirm that their heart is renewed. They will still feel like there is a void.

The first self-help book I ever picked up from Barne’s & Noble gleamed red and yellow. The Power of Positive Thinking. I believe God was definitely guiding me when it found me. I’ve never read any other self-help book besides that and a few pages from The Secret. Although I’m actually against self-help books and the reason as to exactly why is another post I’ll be expressing my thoughts on and maybe a video too. But I mention this particular book because as a Christian, I’ve chosen to take certain aspects of it. Anyway, when I saw this book, the Holy Spirit guided my discernment in agreeing to read it once. So I did and it changed my life. I have to confess I tried reading it a second time but I didn’t continue with it, because God told me I was starting to make it my Bible.

A P R P B W P R A – Affirmative Prayers Release Powers By Which Positive Results Are Accomplished.

Thank you Norman Vincent Peale. 🙂 Although some may call you a false prophet, my understanding of this is led by God. I needed help to kickstart a more powerful prayer life and what I learned in this book made me realize how you can take simple verses and turn them into prayers. It’s as simple as summarizing a verse and applying it to your life. Check out this site that has used Bible verses and turned them into 110 affirmations: Faith and Health Connection.

Here’s an example:

2 Corinthians 12:9 –  But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

“God’s power works best in my weakness.”

I don’t know about you but I’ve always hated memorizing Bible verses. For me it loses it’s meaning over time. This is how I study the Bible…I break down the scripture and chew on it making it my affirmation. I write down a prayer, specifically choosing words that I know will please God, I internalize it and vocalize it, and here is how my prayer sounds….

“Lord, right now I’m weak. I sense something not right within me but I confess that because I feel this way, You are the only One who can really help me. You tell me not to trust my emotions but to trust in Your grace. Your grace is enough. You remind me that You are bigger than my emotions. You have brought me to this point again to remind me there is no strength without weakness, there is no joy without sadness. I’m not perfect for a reason because you want me to draw nearer to You to gain that strength. Jesus, You are perfect. I want Your strength. I understand now why I feel this way. You love me so much to cause a discomfort in my heart, because You want me to offer it to You. My weakness makes Your power to strengthen me. When I ask for You to use me, my eyes are opened to see that You will also use my weakness for You glory. I thank You and praise You for I am nothing without You. Truly, Your grace is sufficient.”

In your prayer, make God bigger by focusing on Him, not on how big your weakness is. Be careful with every word. Remember that God is listening to everything you say, but use words that give Him glory. Your heart will instantly feel the harmony because this is what pleases God. “Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses.” Boast about your weaknesses in a way that points to the greatness of God. Be humble. But if you boast in a way that makes your weaknesses bigger, it’s only your pride that will grow and your pride will only build up on your weakness.

By His Grace, Sheela


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