Marmar Dagu-ob | Will graduate life with honor and no regret.
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  11. Interesting thoughts on life, compassion here. Enjoyed. Thank you for visiting Justice for Raymond. I write most about my son Raymond, and the ordeal we endured following his untimely, unattended and sudden death; the poison found in his toxicology and the irresponsible action of the coroner.

    God bless you and keep up the good work.

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  38. Positive thinking gets you more in life than focusing on the negative! I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that you will enjoy my posts! -B

    P.S. I love Jackie Chan too!

  39. Hehe, a guy who goes along with my philosophy. Positive thinking in a negative world, it’s the only way to let the good in life in. Thanks so much for the follow and the like my friend.

  40. Hi There. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I believe our words create so why not create the good stuff!

  41. Words create images. Images in your mind provoke you to speak more words. Others hear your words and add their words creating more images. Soon we find ourselves in grossed in a real-life movie as the main character. The name of this movie is “OUR LIFE” The quality of our LIFE is being created by the words we speak!

  42. Hello marmar thunder. It is nice to meet you. God bless you! Thank you for following my blog. We need all the motivation, and inspiration in this world we can get. See you soon. πŸ™‚

  43. Amen to all you have said, Marmar! Thank you ever so much for subscribing.

  44. What a great testimony! I hope that you are able to inspire countless people through your blog. I look forward to reading your posts.

  45. Uy Pilipino ka din! At kristiano din! Ang ganda nung blog mo! πŸ™‚

  46. Hi Marmar, I’m glad you have found your path to positivity and happiness. Thanks for following my blog, Wrestling Pollyanna. I hope I can share some of my positivity with you too. Most appreciated.

  47. Love your about page! What a fabulous testimony of Gods love! Thanks for the follow on Kerri Chronicles and I look forward to getting to know you.

  48. awesome blog, i’d appreciate if you could vote for my design:)

  49. Thanks for stopping by my blog! πŸ™‚ Your words are comforting. Keep doing what your doing!

  50. Thanks. I came here because you kindly commented on one of my blog posts. I read a couple of sections. I am glad Jesus is helping you so much, and here I not mean the Latino guy born in 1978 (in some cultures naming boys Jesus is common but in other cultures it is not). I was given him as a baby or very young child and grew up knowing Jesus. I have felt that most of the time, it does help. Because I grew up that way, I do not have any experience of such transformation like you describe. That is really amazing. So glad he is helping you, as that is the whole idea!! Peace & love, MSPia

  51. Spirituality is so important for everyone to come to peace with themselves, life, and the world at large. Thank you for your inspiring post. It reminds me to also be grateful and thank God for everything I do have — my health, my family, friends, and so on. Take care!

  52. Praise God! And thank you for following my blog. Christ changed my life as well, so I understand what you’re talking about. He loves His children…and YOU, my friend, are one of them. Live in His glory.

  53. Wow, such a powerful testimony there, brother! You are an evidence of His power to turn a life around. Preach on! πŸ˜‰

  54. buttonsandpins

    Hi Marmar,
    Thank you for following my blog. I’ve read your profile and was inspired on how much you are proud of finally embracing faith in Christ. Well, I am also proud t be God’s beloved! Your post about taking time to stop was a good reminder. Keep it up.

  55. Thank you for following imaginenewdesigns and for liking “Towers.” I enjoyed visiting your blog. Your posts are inspiring, and they encourage people to think about how they should live their lives.

  56. Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to reading yours as well πŸ™‚

  57. That is awesome! I am with you. Following Jesus is NOT the norm fro people in the world. I am glad I found you!

  58. Hi! Thank you so much for following my blog, I really appreciate it! I like your sincere and positive approach here! Have a beautiful day!

  59. Salamat for the follow! πŸ™‚ I’m from the Visayas too…North. I miss the Philippines.

  60. I actually like your blog! Very timely, thank you for sharing bro.

  61. What an inspiring story you have here. I really like the theme of your blog; positivity goes such a long way. Thank you very much for following my blog, Being Beyoutofull. I hope if you ever have anything to say about what I post, you would feel free to do so : ). God Bless!

  62. Hi Marmar,
    thanks for following, I look forward to reading more of your posts; yes, our lives are transformed when we allow Jesus in – we start the journey to become who he made us to be, a lifelong transformation!

  63. Jesus really does transform oneself! Great testimony!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog page, God Bless!

  64. I think this hits home for all of us before coming to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That leap of faith you’ve stepped out in to inspire will move mountains for you…believe that. God bless you

  65. Thanks for the follow. Just started my blog 9 days ago and I feel like I finally did something right tonight as you were one of my 3 new followers and each of the 3 was more an inspirational/generous sharing blog. This was the first post that talked so explicitly about my faith and i now that is the reason. Up until today all of the followers were either people who sell blogging help or who sell network marketing. I was starting to feel a bit β€œviolated” πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading your posts…and hope you will enjoy mine.

  66. Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog, Marmar! I wish you many blessings on your journey!

  67. Thanks for the following. Wow! Just today I was trying for the hundredth time to write my about page and couldn’t find words to tell about me. I can really relate to your post. You are inspiring. I can’t wait to dig deeper into your blog.

  68. Thanks for stopping by “Tuning In!” There’s so much negativity in the world, and so I like to “focus on the good things in life.” It’s nice to meet a kindred spirit! Answering Jesus’ knock on the door of our hearts is a great step forward into love of self but mostly love of OTHERS!

  69. “…Now I am a totally different person. I want to inspire, encourage and influence others. I want people to know Jesus Christ for everybody needs a savior.”
    My eyes teared when I read this. What a glorious path you tread! Everybody does need the Savior. Thanks for re-booting my spirit this morning.

  70. What a wonderful testimony…God is good, all the time. Bless you

  71. I’m so happy for you that you were able to find your true value and identity in Christ! So few of us today are really taking hold of our status as His children and your testimony is very inspiring! God bless

  72. I’m glad you found meaning and purpose in life after feeling so insecure and down about yourself. You’ve found your path and you’re walking it…good for you!

  73. You are indeed a new creation! God has given you a new song!
    Stand strong and continue blogging.

  74. Hey Marmar…
    Just wanted to pass on my thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and for being brave enough to β€˜Follow’ it πŸ™‚ I do wonder how you stumbled across it though?
    I admit, it’s all a bit new still, but I hope you liked what you read so far, as much as I have writing.
    Uncle Spike

  75. Marmar,

    Thanks for visiting my site. Kudos to you for the honesty of your Thinker comments. Being honest in the confines of your home is one thing, being honest on the web with virtually no confines is quite another. Gotta love how God does his work!


  76. Hi
    Thanks so much for following my blog. I’m kind of new on this journey, but it’s so good to meet you this early on the way.

  77. Marmar, thank you for following my blog. What an inspiring, fresh, site you have. It is wonderful when we embrace who we are. It is very empowering. Once we recognize truth, love ourselves and others, all things are possible. I am happy that you have clarity and know the purpose of your life. I plan to explore your site further. : )
    Love, light and blessings

  78. That you found a way through and out of that dark space you were in is all that matters. What you found to be helpful is a personal choice, and that it work for you is reason to rejoice. We all find a way if we have the will, which you can only realize once you succeed, which you did in your fashion, and I applaud you for this. To each his own… good luck, and now that you have found it, good life! JJ

  79. I like your blog! It`s filled with lots of inspiring and positive thoughts, so it has the power to bring a lot of happiness when reading your posts. Thank you so much for the follow and I`ll be back frequently to read more of your inspiring posts. Have a wonderful weekend!

  80. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I love your intro. Francis Chan is awesome. God bless!

  81. Thank you so much for the follow and the like, Marmar πŸ™‚

  82. I led your poem about the ice cream cone – mainly because the poetic cadence indicates great promise – and i liked the introspection in your self portrait – if you liked 3 idiots you know what i mean

  83. Nice and inspiring blog! Thanks for following “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. πŸ™‚

  84. Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your piece The Thinker. Very inspirational!

  85. Thanks for following the Angel Messenger. I believe that Jesus whom I know as Jeshua is my brother, teacher and everyone’s signpost and if you follow him you will become your own Saviour. Love, David

  86. Thank you for the follow and I really admire your blog! Very inspirational.

  87. Thanks for dropping by Marmar and enabling me to read your encouraging and well-written note of how your life changed dramatically. Have been revamping my own account for the blog later this month. You may find it unusual. Trust you’ll find something of interest in existing and forthcoming posts. The Lord bless you lots more.

  88. Thank you for following my blog. When I saw jackie chan in the line up of your “likes”, I had to laugh because I’ve never met one like me. People always laugh when I say “I am a Jackie Chan fan”. Lol. May God continue to bless your blog and your ministry (all that you do for him). Arise

  89. Amazing story! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  90. Hey I’m so glad you found your happiness! πŸ™‚
    Just wanted to say thanks for the follow, I really like your blog; I love reading about your perspective on life! Its so interesting to me haha πŸ˜€

  91. You sound like a really decent young guy. I am pleased you have now found what your looking for, and would like to say thank you for following my blog. I will look forward to doing the same with yours my friend
    Kind Regards

  92. Hello Marmar! Thanks for stopping by ritaLOVEStoWRITE and thanks especially for following the blog! Good luck with your own blog. Cheers, Rita

  93. Marmar, thanks for reading and following my “Becoming A Follower” blog. I appreciate your time.
    For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.β€”2 Timothy 1:7

  94. Thank you for visiting and now following my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy our time with Mom. Best wishes to you in the city of smiles from the city of the sun.

  95. Thanks for sharing part of your story

  96. Thank you so much for reading and following my blog posts. It makes my heart smile that Jesus helped you become the person you are today. He does wonders for our soul, doesn’t He?

  97. Marmar, Thank you for stopping at my blog and liking a recent post. I appreciate your time. Also I wish you much success. You have the proper attitude, and it should take you far. Take care, Bill

  98. True enough, a life without God is not life. Thank you for following my blog. Good day!

  99. What a wonderful testimony! Jesus indeed makes us a new! God bless you brother in Christ! πŸ™‚

  100. A beautiful story. You truly put a smile on my face today ^_^
    And thank you for visiting my blog πŸ™‚

  101. Kedoshim Ministries

    Thank you for following Kedoshim Ministries. May He continue to light your way. Blessings to you

  102. Aha! Taga Iloilo ^_^ hope the quake didn’t do much damage there.
    Thank you for stopping by my blooog dude.

  103. I am so glad that you found Jesus and learned of your importance in this world. We need you. Thank you so much for reading the St. Louis Center blog. We also have facilities in the Philippines and would love to have you for a visit if you are able. Check out: May God continue to bless you abundantly.

  104. Heya Marmar .. thanks for following my blog..terrific. i have forwarded your “Thoughts” to my family.. you write beautifully and please continue will succeed .. namaste πŸ™‚

  105. We definitely need more positive people in this world especially godly men! Prayers to you as you continue to serve Him!

  106. You were never a loser, you just didn’t see yourself with the right glasses. πŸ˜‰ Btw. I sipmly love the qoute featured… ❀ (p.s. can you tell me how to put up view count? Thank you :))

  107. Wow, this is one successful blog! Anyway, just wanted to offer my big thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Much appreciated. Plus, feel free to comment at any time and even, perhaps, offer a guest post. Best wishes, Paul

  108. hi! thanks for following my blog. i’m trying to follow yours, but for some cockamamie reason my computer won’t let me. i’ll give it another shot later on. also, i appreciate your positive attitude and will do my best to emulate it.

  109. Hi Marmar, thanks for visiting and following my blog. It must be very exciting to share a blog with so many other like-minded people. Blessings to you and all the contributors of this site. You have some great and varied content.

  110. Thanks for the follow! You have a pretty good blog yourself πŸ™‚

  111. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog!

  112. Thank you very much for following my blog, Sorry I took so long to respond to you! πŸ™‚

  113. Thanks for following, friend.

  114. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award! If you choose to participate, you can see the post here:
    I truly enjoy your blog, or I wouldn’t have nominated you! Thanks for bringing sunshine into my day!

  115. Hi, thank you for appreciating my poor words. In case you really want notice of more of them, I’m inviting you to visit my active blog “Vintage53′ I only end up posting on ‘Bayaday’ when I am too tired and don’t check the blog tab, sorry.

  116. Thank you for following my blog.

  117. scumlikeuschurch

    thanks for dropping in God bless

  118. Hey, Cool blog! Very interesting and we will definitely be back. Your friends at

  119. Thank you for following my blog!! Your is great!

  120. Thank you for stopping by “Beyond The Cracked Window” and for the follow, I appreciate it a great deal.

    You have a great blog here! I am enjoying exploring it very much.


  121. Hello – thank you for finding me and for the follow. Looking forward to connecting more.
    cate b

  122. Hey thanks for dropping by and following my blog.

  123. Thanks for following. Cheers.

  124. Hi Marmar thank you for stopping by my blog and for the follow. Your blog is very interesting..I know I’m going to enjoy reading your posts..I’m now your fan😊

  125. Thanks for the follow! All the best!

  126. Thank you much for liking my post, it means the world

  127. Thank you for following my blog. I hope that our shared love for God, compassion and mindfulness will inspire people to include everyone’s needs, certainly those of children.

  128. hi Marmar, Peace and Justice Award on your way for sharing beautiful thoughts about it ;D

  129. Hello Marmar,

    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog I was reading yours and is so awesome that I just have to follow you as well.

    I have a FB page, please like on FB and follow me on twitter @Edieleyne so, we can keep in touch.


  130. Thanks for stopping by my blog to follow me, Marmar. I hope my Buddha-centric, vegan orientation will be of some help and usefulness to you. All the best in your endeavors.

  131. God bless you and this wonderful work – it is such a blessing to see how God is uniting His body of believers from all around the globe to bring forth His message of healing, hope, salvation, restoration, etc. I look forward to spending much more time together in His work.

  132. Greetings from Bonzai Brew!

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for some time now and can really say I’ve enjoyed them! Thank you so much for following through my blog at WordPress! However, I’ve moved to with my own domain, with some awesome changes. It would be so nice and much appreciated if you’d check out and follow/subscribe to my new blog to and so as to keep you posted on my new blogs!

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