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Why should God love me?

why do you continue to love me

Dear reader: This piece could be used in Christian counselling,coaching, spiritual direction and evangelism. It could be printed out and read at your church service or included in your sermon. Please use it however God leads. Perhaps, God will use this prayer to speak to your heart.

Who am I that God should love me?

Stained with the soot of sin I be

I am unworthy to receive Your love

How could You love a sinner like me?

You forgive me as cleansing inside I do feel

You answer my searching heart’s appeal

Father, this my prayer for all would be

God knows who you are

The things which have taken you from Him afar

You’ve been angry at Him

He understands

People have hurt you

God feels your pain

You are attacked by friendly fire

Your Father knows there’s nothing friendly about it

You’re sad, filled with anxiety

Cast all your cares upon Christ

God knows you true

He sees to the heart of you

Knows you like no other

He knows the number of hairs upon your head

He says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made!”

Christ died for people just like you

The rich and the poor

The young and the old

The addict and the abused

The hopeful and the hopeless

The prisoner and the free

The prostitute and the pastor

The joyful and the sad

Those who can’t see, walk, speak or hear

Those with physical and developmental challenges

No matter what you have done

No matter how much you feel like a failure

In God’s eyes you are loved

He loves you so much He gave His only Son

That you would feel bright Heaven’s sun inside

That His love in you would abide

Your Father is waiting for you

Come and ask Him in

Let Him into your life

He’ll be with you as I feel He is with me

He’ll be with you now into eternity


Kevin Osborne is training to become a psychotherapist, priest and chaplain through St. James the Elder University in Jacksonville, Florida. He and his wife, Karen, plan to open a counselling practice. Karen is taking graduate divinity studies at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. Kevin is planning on taking additional graduate studies there. He is a member of The Word Guild, a Christian writer’s group in Canada.

Our greatest calling is to be servants of our Lord wherever He calls us to go.