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Three miracles in one day

This testimony is a guest post from my friend, Airy Kary.

We had three miracles happen to us in one day!!

Two weeks ago, raw sewage backed up into our basement. The fellow who usually deals with stuff for us regarding the house was not answering his phone, email or carrier pigeon. (I’m really worried about him but that is a different matter) So after a week of trying unsuccessfully to reach him, I tried the fellow who is the Power of Attorney (POA) for the homeowner. The POA responded the same day and had the insurance adjuster and a clean-up team at our home (we are tenants) the next day (Saturday). The plumber came later. The insurance adjuster was concerned about KD’s extreme allergies. He put his foot down and said the cleaners couldn’t begin while KD was in the house. He called the POA and told him that and said we were reluctant to leave b/c we are on Social assistance and haven’t got the money to just go to a motel for two days. (the cleanup guys said the odour would be gone in two days) The POA said he would cover the motel for two nights if need be. (We are trying to get Social assistance to cover it) Either way, it is covered.

So we spent last Saturday and Sunday nights in a motel. Monday morning we returned to pick up fresh clothes and head to Toronto for KD’s monthly naturopathic appointment. Wednesday we returned and the odour was just awful. KD had a reaction that sent him to the E.R. overnight. While there the E.R. doctor asked KD why he was not on a medication called Singulaire. KD said, “We can’t afford to buy it and the government won’t cover it for me even though we have proof that it keeps me out of the E.R.” The doctor told us about a program that covers this drug on a compassionate basis. We thought we had tried every program but we had not heard about this one. He filled out hte paper work for it and sent it in. He gave KD four doses, one for that night, one for the morning and two to take away with him. The next morning he arranged for KD to continue to receive the drug until it arrives at the hospital after the program does their administrative thing. That is miracle number 1!

I spent the night in the bedroom beside an ozone generator so it wasn’t too bad. But Tuesday morning, I had a headache, was nauseated, congested and unable to think clearly or complete tasks. We could NOT live in the house. How the heck I was going to solve this problem I had NO idea. It was too big a problem for me.

I called the cleanup guys to let them know. They promised to send someone that day to assess the issue. I waited in the car. All day. At around three o’clock the insurance adjuster called. He was in the cleanup guys’ office on other matters and heard we were still having problems.

Now the insurance adjuster had been very clear that the policy did NOT cover us; it only covered the house. It didn’t even cover getting the plumber in. So I was very clear that there would be no help from the insurance.

So I’m wondering why is the insurance adjuster involving himself? I thank him for his previous work and ask him why he is calling. He says that he wants to see if he can help us. I am shocked. He says he will call me back in ten minutes.

He calls back and tells me that the cleanup guys are coming the next day (Friday) between 7 am and 7:30 am to scrub the basement floor with water and install a machine that will scrub the air of the chemicals used to clean/disinfect/deodorize the basement, those chemicals to which KD was reacting and which were making me sick.The machine is rented for $900 per day. The problem is solved! This is miracle number 2!

Then he tells me he has found a way for the insurance to pay for it!!! That is miracle number 3!

I bawled. I spent the evening and night thanking God. That was all I could say. Other than that I was speechless. Oh, and I bawled for an hour too…