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The empty cup

blind man and woman in silhouette


The blind person has an empty cup

Prays that it would be filled up

Not for money does this person ask

But rather love given in every task

For a heart that sees the need

For amazing grace does plead

The Love that will give eyes to see

The suffering of humanity

A soul that with agape love does bleed

For every heart, for every need

Give me a love for the hurting soul

May helping others be my life’s goal

Help this blind person with the empty cup to see

That it needs to be filled up with the drops of their humanity

When we see the images of death and despair

Give us Your heart to care

When we see the sad eyes of the poor

Let us show them what we are here for

When we see the defeating eyes of abuse

Save us from the anger that will make us of no use

Let us learn from the blind person’s prayer

Whose empty cup is in their heart

That we fill our empty cups by making with You a brand new start

Reaching out for the grace that sets us free

The heart that helps us to love those our minds cannot see

Sharing what we have with those who are in need

Knowing for that all Your children You did have Your Son bleed

Bleed and die for all

So we would all hear the Spirit’s call

To love not just the few, but to love the all

Thanks, Lord, for filling our empty cup