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God’s Summer Dreams

Martin Luther King had big dreams

This is true

Dreams for me

Dreams for you

That there would be no black, no white

All people are equal in God’s sight

Abraham Lincoln had large dreams too

That slavery through the world would end

That no more young men to civil war’s hell he would send

That like King said he would too

Love me for who I am

Don’t hate be for the colour of my skin

Let peace be with every heart within

Rosa Parks fought on a bus

That there would be no more black, only the you, the us

Langston Hughes had God’s summer dreams too

The poem of a bird with broken wing

That can’t take flight

Broken dreams that have you losing sleep through the night

What about the me, the you?

What are God’s summer dreams for you?

The summer of God’s dreams

The dreams God has put upon your heart

Do you wonder where He’s calling you to go?

You pray and pray ’til you’re all prayed out

Tossed about on a sea of doubt

Just look around you and see

All the hurting souls longing to be free

All the people living in poverty of mind, heart, body and soul

All the souls who have yet to know their life’s goal

Pray for the hurting, pray for the lost

Pray for the youth in gangs that they would be surrounded by people of love

Who would show them what love means that is from above

Pray for that struggling student who can’t afford university’s cost

Pray for the disabled who want their dream of a good job, a good education

Pray for those who live in poverty’s degradation

That in that journey a strong hand would show them the way out

Pray for the sick who aren’t provided the medications they need

Pray that there would be caring hearts in government, in community

Who would fight for an end to the injustice of poverty

Pray for the mother who stays up late at night asking where is God leading my son, my daughter?

Pray for all the victims of barbaric slaughter

Pray for the addicted, the prostitute, the abused

Pray for that unwed teenager who is pregnant, abandoned, feeling all alone

That a parent, a member of their family would care for them, help them see God’s dreams can still live in them

They can still reach God’s destiny

Pray for all who feel used

Pray for those who have been and are abused

Pray that everyone would come into God’s family

Salvation would set all prisoners to darkness free

In praying for all these struggling souls

In asking God where are you leading me?

You’ll find your summer dreams God has for you

If you would be to God’s heart true

Your mission could be right where you are

Or it could be across oceans afar

Don’t give up the fight to know God’s dreams

Don’t let doubt win out over you

Don’t let other’s hate conquer you

In God’s Kingdom there is no black

There is no white

There is only one union of souls seeking God’s Light

Don’t give up praying to see your Lord’s way

I find as I do more listening I am hearing God’s dreams for me in silent prayer

In the stillness feeling with me He does share the summer of His dreams for me

Your summer dreams can be His too

If you would trust your Lord to show you the way in times of darkness, in times of doubt

Discovering what His summer dreams for you are all about