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We all need someone to lean on

person needs someone to be there

In the video below musician Bill Withers is singing Lean on me in a 1974 episode of Soul Train. My goodness, I am only eleven then How time does go by so fast. Where does it all go?

The world is just coming out of the shock of losing John F. Kennedy, Robert  Kennedy and  Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,They made us believe working together that we could be a more just world. No work would have been accomplished with the collective hopes of these leaders without the help of others. They all needed someone to lean on.

Families who have lost ones in Nepal need us to lean on. They are terrified aid will not arrive in time as the death toll climbs. Loved ones thousands of miles away wait frantically hoping their relatives are okay. Those horrifying images that tug at our hearts — you’ve been bombarded with more than enough of those to last several lifetimes.

We all need one another. Bill Wither’s song calls us to a brotherhood of caring one for the other regardless of race, religion or the differences of our beliefs. It is in the difficult times when we find out who our true friends are. We discover who really cares about us. The song says that kind of trusted friend is “just right up the road”, close by where needed most.

It’s okay to ask for help. We are not required to be like John Wayne, who though he would be shot or wounded, still carried on to complete a military mission. It always amazes me how with blood oozing from a leg or with several major wounds from aircraft fire, he would continue to carry out an attack on the invading enemy:) That is the fantasy world of Hollywood far removed from the gnawing reality of lives in Nepal torn apart.

A hurting friend needs another friend. A manager needs everyone on the team to reach company objectives.  Those trapped in their prison of abuse need to be rescued. The homeless, those on welfare, disability and on low incomes need all of us to care, to give them a hand up, not a hand out.

We all have burdens that we are carrying. We all have problems, but we don’t need to face them alone. When you see someone who needs your time, please give it to them.. If a friend or relative has fallen on hard times and needs a place to stay offer yours. If you need someone to get you through a rough time, ask for help. Never think that you are expected to do everything on your own.

One of my favorite image quotes is this one.

people cry not because weak

The strongest among us still need someone to reach out to for guidance.

Who will you lean on today?

Kevin Osborne is training to be a psychotherapist and priest with Holy Catholic Church International. His wife, Karen, will also be taking the M.A.-Ph.D. program majoring in Clinical Christian Counselling with their school, St. James the Elder Theological Seminary.  Karen is also a Master of Divinity student at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. Kevin is a member of The Word Guild, a Christian writer’s group in Canada. They are available to go wherever God leads to do His will in any way they are called upon.