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We Are Stories


A lot has changed since I’ve blogged here with the incredible and passionate crew of Mind’s Seat.

Just keep me in prayers. I am believing that the Lord is going to make everything in and around me make sense or at least work for my good and His glory.

One thing is for sure, it’s nice to be back on the scene again, writing as I share experiences and thoughts with regards to my own faith walk and the involvement of cartoons, animation and art.

Earlier this morning, I thought about how I got into a lot of trouble once in a while for letting my mind and heart wander. I would daydream ideas, stories, characters and much more. I would have them floating in my head while my concentration at school during class would dissipate like mist during the rise of the morning sun.

But, I recall that because it reminds me of the truth about myself.

I LOVE storytelling.

But, what’s interesting is that we fail to share our own stories. Maybe out of guilt, out of fear or out of concern that it won’t sound poetic enough or smart enough or sound exciting enough.

Our stories are key and Jesus is operating in each of our stories as the author and finisher of our Faith. Jesus is operating in our stories and He IS the story that makes our story possible. It is because of HIS history that we even have A history to begin with.

Jesus used stories…parables really…to bring about the point of His work and to help people who didn’t understand His cause or his mission.

Our stories are being crafted and designed from the inside out in order to point to Jesus Christ. The story is meant to have rough, sad spots. It was meant to have some incredible highs and intense lows. It’s life…it’s real…and it’s coincidentally what wins in the box office or bookshelves of bookstores.

Someone needs to see that it wasn’t easy to get that Ph.D. of yours. Someone needs to see and hear about the time you failed in your first career choice only to end up in something that’s different and maybe better. Someone needs to hear that they are not losers and that the one fail they had in their life is NOT the most true thing about them.

After all, Jesus let His story be shown and told through His life, His love and His work and His sacrifice so that we could keep going…and go on even to eternity even after all of this.