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The Call

speak Lord your servant hears

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Dear reader:

This poetry reflection is dedicated to all those who have felt the call of God upon their lives. It came about after much soul-searching. I pray it is a blessing to you and those whom you may be led to share it with.

Oh, dear searching soul, have you lost the purpose of your call?

Do you wonder what is the meaning of it all?

You are in burnout

You have given all you can give

The well-spring of your life is gone

Your spiritual life is in a parched desert

You are angry at God and life

You have more questions of God than answers

Your family feels distant from you

Your children have given up on spending time with you

Your wife says you are a stranger, spending more time loving others than her

You sit and wonder where did all that passion go, for the Lord who loves you so?

You can spend more time doing than being

That’s when you stop seeing your call

God doesn’t measure how much you love Him by how much you do for Him

What He wants is your heart

That’s where your calling does start

If your love has run dry

it’s okay for you to cry

Your Father hears your pain

Desires for you to love Him again

Cast on Him your every care

Know in your questions He’s always there

If you need to take a spiritual retreat, go and let God and His counselors

help your weary soul, spirit, mind and body to treat

If you are in burnout remember that Christ and His followers took time

from their call to rest, so they for others could be their best

This my prayer for you would be

Your calling you would always see

Take time yourself to renew

That’s when you are the best you

Let others help you with your call

Don’t try to do it all

To God let your spirit fly

Always take time to pray to Father Adonai

Karen Osborne B.A. Christian Clinical Counseling St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, graduate divinity student at Trinity College University of Toronto. D.Sc. in Psychology, St. James the Elder Theological Seminary. Kevin Osborne, B. Th. Canada Christian College & Graduate School. B.A., M.A. Christian Clinical Counseling, M.A-Th.D. Applied Theology student majoring in Psychology St. James University, D.D., D.Sc. Christian Clinical Counseling, Diplomate in Traumatology American Board of Traumatology Examiners of St. James the Elder Theological Seminary, Diplomate in Creative Ministry St. James the Elder Theological Seminary. Kevin Osborne is a member of The Word Guild, which is a Christian writer’s group. Please go to for further information.