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You are normal and that is beautiful!

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Today, I am moved by comments from a reader of my blogs. He said I encouraged him in being normal. We are not disabled or our medical conditions. He told me that as I shared my own hopes and struggles, that he felt inside him a call to the service of others. Wow! That comment alone touched me deep in my soul.

Cast off the labels which define you whether it is saying you are disabled or that you have a rare or chronic condition, and say that you are normal. What a liberating word that is! Shout out today, “I am normal!”

American psychotherapist and author Virginia Satir said, “We must not allow people’s limited perceptions to define us.” My wife, Karen, cross-stitched that quote on a t-shirt for me. Perhaps, Virginia was really saying to all of us, “You are normal. We all have our imperfections and our challenges, but who we are is not defined by them.” I hear my Lord speaking to my heart that with all the blemishes in my character, I am like all of us — normal.

In Karen’s and my challenges the prayer chorus Something Beautiful  has become dear to my heart. “Something beautiful. Something good. All my confusion He understood. All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, but He made something beautiful of my life.”

Let the Heritage Singers bless you today as they remind you that even though you are normal with all of your faults, your Lord can make something beautiful of your life.

Lord, make something beautiful of all of our lives. Amen.