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God’s Love Shines Through Tears

Image by Mrexentric on Pixabay

This is a time of international distress

Only Putin knows what he’ll do next.

The world is gripped by fear.

In stories about the people of Ukraine, we feel their tears.

But what Putin didn’t count on was the courage of Ukrainians.

The young, middle-aged, and the old —

they are fighting for their right to be free.

They will not be defeated by their enemy.

Like Churchill said, they will fight on the land, the streets, the sea, and in the air.

They will achieve victory.

Putin will win battles here and there.

But evil ultimately loses.

God makes it clear what will happen to those who harm His children.

They will face His eternal wrath.

There will be no place they can hide.

Their kingdoms will fall.

They will go straight to hell if they do not repent.

God will give them no peace within.

He’ll judge them for their sins.

I pray Putin and his puppets will lose everything.

Their houses, cars, yachts, the expensive clothes they wear.

They need to be brought before the International Criminal Court.

Multiple acts of war crimes have occurred.

The investigators will not be deterred.

They are documenting every crime.
They will build a solid case, so all involved will not escape justice.

Nothing will ever bring back those who have and will die.

It gets so overwhelming there are times I cry.
I’m sure you do too.

When darkness says light will never win,

I pray you will hear only what’s true.

God is watching.
Every wound, every death brings Him tears.

He weeps for those who will develop PTSD.

There is a special place in His heart for the children.

He is furious at what Putin is doing to them.

God has given us free will.

He leaves the choice with us if our lives will be about love or hate.

He holds us accountable for what we do and do not do.

He loves us in spite of our sins.

He never wants us to harbor anger within.

For the depressed He wants flowers to bloom again.

In the bits of peace, you get in all the clatter,

I pray you will see what matters.

Loving others matters.

Helping others matters.

Caring for others matters.

You are important to God.
He has a plan for your life.

There is a purpose for you in this time of strife.

Our Father reaches out to You in all you’re going through.

He says, “Here I am. I’ll always love you.”

I’m a sinner saved by grace teaching others about it.