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John 3 16 and map of world

Come to Christ you who are weary and worn

Know the reason why you were born

Come you who feel despised and rejected

Feel the power of My Son resurrected

Come those who have lost their way

I will turn your night into day

Come those who cannot forgive

Let me heal you so that for Me you’ll live

Come you victims of abuse

To Me You are not refuse

To Me You are of great use

Come those who feel the call

To share My love with one and all

Come those trapped in addiction

My love is your heavenly prescription

Come you who are rich, you who are poor

I am Christ the open door

Come pastor weighed down from caring for your flock

Lean on Me Christ your rock

Come teacher, professor, doctor, counsellor, coach, lawyer, student, come all

I will give you your Kingdom call

Come homeless person out on the street

Ask help to get a home so you will no longer have winter’s frozen feet

Come prostitute living your life in fear

I never judge you so please to My love draw near

Come those in all countries and continents of the world

North America, South America, Central America, Caribbean,Greece, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Lisbon, Honduras, Lebanon,Argentina, Canada, United States, India, Pakistan,Thailand, Africa, Philippines, Bulgaria, Hungary, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Indonesia, Egypt, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden,Cuba, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Poland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, Europe, Asia. South Korea, North Korea, Australia, Greenland, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Trinidad, West Indies, Jamaica, Fiji

There is room at the Cross for all

Come one Come all

Answer the Spirit’s call

Because there is love enough for all