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Let’s start a fire of love!


 Almighty God, let us start a spark of love to ignite a fire of love for one another.

Let us be a shining light of hope to all who need us

To all who have broken hearts that need to be mended

Lord, I thank you for each person who struggles with rare and chronic conditions.

Father, help me as I struggle with my rare auto immune conditions to reach out to others.

Hear their pain

Listen to the wounding of their souls

Be used of You to draw the suffering to a raised level of awareness

To show them that they have a beautiful gift of caring to offer

A holy fire of compassion

That in their struggle with their health others would see God’s light in them

Help others see the beauty and abounding joy we can have

Our trials can help us see the blessings we have around us

Loving family

Caring friends

Pastors who hear our cries for help

Mentors who help us to grow, who see our shining potential

All listening hearts

Let those who struggle with their conditions be given the help they need

Not for a life of subsistence

Not a mediocre life

Not one of reduced expectations

But a life of quality

A life of richness giving to to others and being given to

Father, because of the injustices those with chronic and rare conditions face in getting their medications and treatments covered, they are being sentenced to a life of less than they can be.

Those in community and government need to work together, so that all people with rare and chronic conditions are given all the vocational and medical supports they need.

Father, those without health challenges need to ask themselves these questions if disease should make its permanent home in them ot those they love. Would they like to be denied the supports they and their loved ones need to thrive? Would they like to be told that they and their loved ones should settle for a half existence? Would they want the fire of their potential and those whom they love to be snuffed out?

Lord, You give us the gift of beautiful minds. Help us all to use the minds You have given us to work together, to pray and believe that we can have a world where all people are given the opportunity to succeed in life.

Help those who think they are a burden to society to have a different perspective. Help them all to see that their life is a gift that teaches all of us what it means to love, to give of oneself even as each breath is a struggle, as pain is felt in each movement of their bodies, as we see the pain of struggle etched on their faces.

Help all people in this world to know that they are here for a reason. Let them find that reason. Help them to be the catalyst that ignites a fire of positive change in the lives of others.

Train us all in the seminary of compassion.

I pray that you move in the hearts of those who have to share their love and their resources with others in need.

We are on this earth to be givers, not takers, not hoarding our possessions, but sharing them. We own nothing. Everything we have is a gift from You. You should own every part of us and what we can give to others.

Open up more internships for those on limited incomes. Break down the barriers in people’s minds that prevent those with mental illness and disability getting that one open door of hope for a brighter future that will pull them out of poverty.

Lord, we have a beautiful world, but it can be even more beautiful if we give others in crisis and struggle that strong arm of support.

Help us all to see that we are a gift of life to each other.

Father, send the sweet wind of change through our world. Melt cold and stubborn hearts. Change our viewpoints where needed to see that NO ONE is a waste of flesh. We are all equal in Your eyes. We all have a right to a life of opportunity.

Today, we can be the spark or the fire extinguisher.

Help us to make the right choice and not turn our eyes away from those who need us, who long for that just one open door of opportunity, which would lift them out of the misery of their poverty to a life of promise, who lights the fire of the promise of others. This would create a chain reaction of love.

Love that gives expecting nothing in return

Love that is consistent

Love that teachers others how to love

A holy fire of change for our communities and our world