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Remove the Cancer of Hate

stop the hate

Loving Heavenly Father, please remove the cancer of hate from us.

We live in a world filled with so much hate. Every day we hear on the TV news or through the stories of others in the coffee shops about how one person has hurt another. There is so much false judgement of others. How easy it has become to speak without thinking, to not consider what we say and how we say it. Father, let us weigh our words carefully lest our corrosive thoughts create their own acidic destruction, eating away at the lives we hurt by our thoughtlessness.

Give us hearts that risk, that dare to be vulnerable in reaching out to others. Help us to sow seeds of love into the convict, addict, prostitute, homeless, poor, disabled, lonely and searching hearts. Love is more powerful and beautiful than the ugliness of hate, bitterness, inequality and indifference.

Let each of us support our leaders in prayer. They will need our prayers at this critical time for our world. We are all sickened and horrified by the ongoing acts of cold, vicious and callous murder, rape, and kidnappings by ISIS, that show the worst of humanity.

This is a time when we can show the best that is in us. Speak to the hearts of our politicians to set aside the differences that divide them. No matter what our political affiliation is, let us work together in a spirit of cooperation, to find solutions to the problems that face our communities and our world.

Lord, we pray for peace in our homes, marriages, relationships, churches, schools, colleges, universities and businesses. Let all of us stop hating each other. Let us all be builders of a new hope that lives in each soul that yet believes we can learn to live in peace with one another. Give us the willingness and dedication of heart and mind to resolve our differences and work together in a spirit of mutual acceptance of each other.

If we say we cannot live in peace, if we say that racial intolerance, injustice, prejudice, and all that is dark and destructive will win, then let us ask ourselves as we look into the eyes of our children, can we say that to them? Can we say to a child you will inherit the cancer of hate? Is that the inheritance we will give them?

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Junior had a dream that we would one day have a world where we all love each other and everyone is equal. He said, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”  He lived his life with the guiding principle that hate was far too great a weight to carry. He could have given in to the voices of his critics who said he should call black Americans to violence, but he did not. He called people to a revolution not of hate, but of love.

Father, there is far too much hate in this world. Give us the strength and courage to speak out against injustice wherever we see it. Let us say each day we will try our best with Your divine help to be a little better, a little more loving, a little more giving, a little more understanding. I pray we will be wonderfully shocked at how much we have grown each day as we work hard at being better people, to be the change Gandhi called us to be as we work at changing ourselves.

Examine our hearts to see where the cancer of hate lives in us. Help us to be honest with You about where we have not loved enough and how we can be more loving, giving and understanding..

Say a prayer for all the hurting people God brings into your life. Let love pour out of your soul for them. They need God so much and they need you to point the way by your life being a living, giving and active letter of love.

When we love each other as God calls us to love will win. The victory has been purchased for us by Christ’s blood shed on the Cross for you, for me and every soul upon this earth.

Father, burn away all that is dark in us and replace it with a love that will shine brighter to that one You call us to reach our hand out to.

We can kill he cancer of hate by loving one person at a time, changing one life at a time.