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Spirit Call

Holy Spirit change our hearts

Spirit I hear Your call to our hearts today

To take time to pray

To read Your Word

To listen to You with our hearts and minds

Let Your purifying water cascade over us

Cleanse us of all the soot in our souls

Rain down your love in each heart

Thank you for setting us stumbling sinners free

Through Christ’s Love crimson flow from the Cross

Help us to hear You speak to our hearts

To feel Your love flood our souls

Renew us in body, mind and spirit to serve You

To share Your amazing love with all You call us to

The Love that gives

The Love that listens to the life of others

The Love that breathes life into our weariness

The Love that gives us compassion to love the unlovable

The joy that helps us give out Your joy to others

Let us feel You in each breath we breathe

Each beat of our hearts

Each step we take

In every word we speak

That is our Spirit call