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Heart sounds

Lord,  please speak what is true as You listen to the sounds of our heart

Some are battered and bruised

Some are abused

Some are filled with hate

Some carry far too great a weight

Some are cold and alone

Some get no calls on the phone

Help each one to take time to pray

To find in You the strength for each new day

How can we ever thank You enough for paying the highest cost?

To save us when we were lost

That in You we all are found

Because You listen to our every heart sound

Thank you for hearing the sounds of our heart

Let the healing waters flow

Let all pain go

All the anger that keeps you awake at night

The darkness that shrouds the Light

The Light of Christ who for your soul does fight

So your heart sounds will beat in a rhythm of peace

That all darkness in your heart would cease

As God gives you a new heart for your today and tomorrow

A heart that will be with you in times of sorrow

A heart that will be with you when you are glad

A heart that will calm you when you get mad

A heart that will help you to live

And a heart that will help us all to forgive