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Thanks for being there!

Firefighter carrying a boy

Salvation Army officer helps homeless man

American Red Cross disaster relief

There are so many things we could say

About those who serve us every day

You who are there in times of alarm

To keep us from all harm

Those who run into a burning building a crying child to save

The courage they never say is brave

Police officers, soldiers, military officers, thanks for keeping us secure

For being there our safety to ensure

Emergency services who are there in times of hurricane, flood or fire

By your dedication you do us inspire

Volunteers,ministers, rabbis, pastors, church elders,  priests, who answer the call

Who teach us by your lives to love one and all

Counselors who are there to reach out to help the hurting to heal

Who listen to everything they feel

Those who help the addicted and abused to heal

Your caring hearts really mean a great deal

Mentors, coaches, teachers, professors who guide and teach us well

Gosh, you’re really swell

Missionaries who serve both in city and country afar

God bless you all wherever you are

Paramedics who are there when we need critical care

Thanks for always being there

Doctors, nurses,  who dedicate their lives to help give us the best health

You give us the gift of your healing knowledge far richer than wealth

I’m just doing my job they all say

As they smile and go about their day