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Thank you Mentors

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The cat teaches the dog the value of mentoring:)

I dedicate this poem to all the awesome mentors in my life. Some are on permanent assignment in Heaven while others are still here. It is a blessing to know you. You are amazing! Thank you for helping in the shaping of who I am and am becoming,  as I seek to grow closer to my Lord and His calling on my life.

Send an email to or call one of your mentors today. Give them the gift of your time and thankful heart for helping shape who you are.

Thank you Mentors

You are there to help show us how we can be a better me

Our gifts and talents to see

You are people of vision

Who help us in times of indecision

You are there to show us the right way when we get it so wrong

Guide us that when we are willing to show where we are weak

Then are we made strong

Leading us to learn what we need to know

Helping us to grow

In that smile

That thank you for a job well done

You show us life is not about wealth and fame

It’s not about playing the power game

It’s about having a light inside you darkness will never understand

It’s about holding a person”s hand

Showing them the way that leads to hope

The hope that is found in Christ the Light

The Love that is with us in the darkness of night

Thanks for being there

For your heart that does truly care

Thanks for teaching us to be the best me we can be

For drawing out of us what God has put there

Honing and shaping us as you lead us to share

The beauty of soul that is there

Whether we are in city near or country afar

This one thing we want to say

We hope we will be as supportive as you

That it would be said of us

We were mentors just like you

Showing others the way to grow

And helping others see

Their God-shaped destiny