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God’s love poem to you


Blessed child, I need you to know I’m always there

You can cast on Me your every care

I am with you in your fear

I am with you in your anger

I am with you in your sadness

I am with you in your loneliness

I am with you in all your doubts

I know you through and through

There is nothing you would tell Me that would shock Me

I know what you’re thinking even before it is spoken

I know when your heart is broken

I am with you in all you do

I see you as you go about your day

Those who live with joy

And those who are far from okay

I see all who live in stress

I see all whose life is in a mess

I hear the cries of the abused and addicted

I comfort all who are afflicted

I feel the pain of those who have disabilities seen and unseen

I see all who to you have been so mean

Child, please don’t hold on to your pain

Give it all to Me

I am the God who will set you free

My Son laboured for Me while on this earth

To give everyone the hope of a new birth

To ask Me to be in their life

To walk with them in times of joy, in times of strife

I want every soul to come to Me

Those who are poor

Those who are rich

Those whose life is in the ditch

Those who feel like garbage are precious to Me

My Son died to set the captive free

Child, I ask that you would give yourself a gift today

And with Me take time to pray

Share all upon your heart

That anger that is corroding you

The fear that is crippling you

The sadness that is crushing you

The darkness that is engulfing you

The Love who enfolds you

The Light who strengthens you

There is joy here for you today

If you would take time to pray

And in your every care find your hope there

Hope that is with you every day

This is My poem of love for you

You who are weary and worn down

You who want so much to smile but can only frown

Remember My love poem to you

Because unlike anyone you know

To Me you can always go

As you cast on Me your every care

And find your forever love poem there