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Rejoice always – A Christian rap Psalm

kittie rejoicing

Yesterday, I wrote to you about there butt for the grace of God go I

I pray you learned from it that you’re the apple of His eye

Today, I’ve been called by God to give our testimony

Of three days of grace and laughter at the Northland Motel

Three days ago we had to leave our home in Englehart

’cause of a chemical used to clean the air from a sewage backup down our basement stairs

I ended up in the Englehart ER with my hands turning blue

But in that cold ER room I met a doctor true

Who took time to listen to my story of mast cell activity

His name is Dr. Josiah Butt and that’s no joke

He’s a man of grace who really cares

And because of God and him I have my Singulair

To fight against allergies in my food and in the air

It’s so wonderful to have a doctor who cares

Who takes time to listen to my testimony of fighting to live

When he did that to my heart he did give hope in my despair

Lightness to the darkness I feel here and there

Dr. Josiah Butt heard about my plight

And let me stay in the hospital one night

The caring nurses there gave me two doses of Singulair

So I could breath much better there

But while a generator cleaned the air

We were told neither we or our kitties could be there

So, we hurried and packed a few things

And came to the Latchord  Northland Motel

Where we did meet our good friend Ross

Who’s the Northland Motel boss

And Ross he sure did treat us real swell

A gentleman among gentlemen is he

In our motel room with our kitties Sir William of Lounge and Princess Catherine of Chaos

We learned a very important lesson

When God turns your ordered world upside down

When you want to smile but all you can do is frown

Take some time to think another way

And give that Enemy something really to think about

Find the blessings in every situation

Tell that cunning and deceitful foe

That even in your times of woe

You’ll take time to offer a prayer

To your Lord who truly does care

You see, you’re the apple of His eye

And that’s no jive

When you feel dead inside, He can make you feel alive

For those who are victims of abuse

When you feel like refuse listen to what I say well

God will see you through your personal hell

He did that for me and He can do that for you too

If you just give Him all your pain

He’ll turn your loss into gain

Because you’ll use your abuse to help you and others understand

That we’re all the apple of God’s eye

That it’s not His will for any one of us to die with the pain of our abuse

I kept my pain within for far too many years

I wore my pain as a badge of honor

When I was a boy of five I saw my mother hanging by a belt

She wanted release from the prison of her abuse

She was tired of feeling like refuse

And as I cried upon the stairs

God heard my prayer and brought dad back to sanity

Reminded him of his humanity

And as I prayed under the willow tree by our home

To be free from my living hell

Six years later did my prayer God answer

To free me from the Enemy’s poisonous cancer

And to Owen Sound we did flee

My mom, my brother and me

You see, at age 11 I did make a solemn vow that I would take

My dad’s life I would take with a knife into his stomach I would plunge

And say in self defense I did plunge a knife into his chest to save me from a murderer’s arrest

Thank God that I did not get the opportunity

To honour the vow to hell I did make

And as the years rolled by when many lonely nights I did cry

As I would hear those haunting words in my sleep

You’re no good, a stupid, lazy good for nothing bum you are

As my father would say he was God and bless the ground after he stopped the car

As I remembered being hit many a time

God heard me as I cried

To Him I brought every care

And in my tears and my despair the light of forgiveness came

As I poured on God my every tear

As He said to me, “Kevin, have no fear

For I’m going to do something really amazing and beautiful with your life

I’m going to use you to free many from their strife

So, they can sing a song of victory in my holy Name

So, the Enemy won’t win the game

I will because I’m the Alpha and the Omega

The beginning and the end

Of your faith.”

And that is why today to all abused and everyone I say

He’ll turn your tears into laughter

Your night into day

Because He loves you, you see

He who died on Calvary’s cross

He who bore our pain

Who counted all loss but gain

So, when you’re feeling grim

Take a dose of this heavenly prescription

When you are caught in sin’s addiction

Take some time to pray and spend some time with Him every day

Tell him all that is upon your heart

And make a brand new start

And read His Holy Word

And when you do all that, my friend, God will make your life anew

So that in life’s crushing storms

When your spirit’s in alarm

You’ll have that heavenly prescription to fight sin’s addiction

And that is when you can truly say

That you can rejoice always

And then when your earthly work for Him is done

You can sing the songs with the angels of God up higher

Rejoicing with Him as you sing in Heaven’s choir