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Come Dream With Me

With CoVid in our communities it’s tough to dream,

to believe life will get better.

We will come to a “new normal” for our lives and those of our loved ones.

How then can we continue to dream?
Why bother?

We will always have some kind of virus affecting our freedom —

the way we live our lives.

I would answer those questions with this one.

Why not dream?

Yes,, our world is forever changed by CoVid.

Life as we knew it is dead.

We need to be real and grieve what we have lost.
Family, friends and colleagues have died.

Others have become long haulers with chronic illness.
Businesses have closed.
Millions of people are unemployed.

There has been more of a shift to online learning.
Brick and mortar schools are closing
Food costs have risen sharply.
The price of gas is escalating beyond the ability of many to afford it.

Let us consider, though, how we are better people.

Out of this tragedy has come a deeper understanding of our need for one another.

Acts of kindness have increased.

We are learning more about how caring for others is important for the survival of our communities.

Your husband
Your wife
Your son
Your daughter
Your neighbor

The lonely
The stranger
The rich
The poor
The addicted
The gambler

The prostitute

That infant, child, man, woman, dying of malnutrition.

The outsider who doesn’t fit in —
All these people in your community need you.

Be there for one person.
Dreams that are given the practical support to make them a reality are powerful.

When you give people the tools to get them to succeed in their dreams you improve their lives.
They teach others how to reach theirs.

The helper and the helped can be lifted out of poverty.

These aren’t new ideas.

They are reminders of what you already know.

There has been so much sadness that I believe many people have let their goals die.

Let them live again.
Ask counselors and social workers to help you with career guidance and what training programs are available.

If all you can do in your busy schedule is take one course do it.
Read a lot in multiple subjects.
Learning doesn’t need to come from courses.
There are countless free articles and books on the internet in anything from astronomy to zoology.

You can learn on the internet how to cook a nutritious meal in 20 minutes.

You can study a language for personal enrichment and/or career advancement.

You could learn to become a better singer and/or to play a musical instrument.

If flying a plane is your dream you could train to fly. Perhaps, you could become a pilot flying a small plane or a jet.

Maybe, your goal is to join the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines or the Navy..

You could be a community leader, rabbi, minister, pastor or chaplain.

You may want to be a C.E.O. or run a small busimess.

If teaching is your dream, you could study to become one.

Perhaps, you want to work for an NGO or a non-profit organization.

Your skill in diplomacy would be of value working for the United Nations.

You could teach people in developing countries a skill such as sewing or farming that they can use to start their own business.

Whatever you learn there are people wanting to know what you know.

More colleges and universities are making courses and degree programs available for much lower costs.
There are scholarships and bursaries you can apply for.
Colleges and universities have jobs available on campus.
You can apply for a graduate assistantship helping one of your professors with tutoring students and/or teaching them in return for full or partial tuition support plus a stipend for your living costs.

There is the true story of a woman who completed a B.A. in History from York University in Toronto at age 74.
It was a dream she held in her heart for decades.
She put in the long hours of classes, essays and exams.
She graduated with honors.

The administration was so pleased with how well she did they hired her as an Assistant Professor of history.

You’re never too old to dream again and inspire others to make their dreams a reality.

Thank you for taking the time to come dream with me.

I’m a stumbling sinner saved by grace trying to teach others how to find it.