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Love Will Conquer Hate

Almighty God, we live in a world where we hear news about terrorism every day. Help us to remember that we have a weapon more powerful than their hate. You have given us the ability to love. Love is what cannot be stolen from us if we do not give in to the hate. We must not let all that is dark in this world to have the victory over us. 
Father, show us how we can share our love with others. In a handshake, a smile, a heart that listens to others, You give the power of love that ISIS and all evil acts of terrorism cannot take away from us.
Give us ears that hear and eyes that see the needs around us. When the darkness seeks to tell us that our efforts are useless, give us discernment that sees through that lie to the truth that our acts of kindness whether it is calling or visiting someone who is sick, paying for life-saving medications that someone cannot afford, mentoring youth so they do not go into gangs, giving an internship to a person willing to work hard, providing scholarships and bursaries to students in need,giving groceries for a person or family who has lost their job, bringing people together for church and community fundraisers that will fund programs that will help address the needs of people in their community, giving a love offering to those who need it — in doing these things we show the terrorists that where there is love there is an enduring hope that they cannot defeat.
We fight not with clenched fists, not with smouldering anger, not with vengeance, but Your love that beats in all of our hearts, the love that all the hate in this world cannot conquer. Father, whatever we can do to share our love, show us what that is and then let us do it so hate will not win and love will. Amen.