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Seeing the World through a Child’s Eyes

eyes of a child see world as it should be

This poem was inspired by the fact that when I looked for images which could describe happiness through a child’s eyes, I could find none. We need to listen to their thoughts about how we can create a more beautiful world more than we are. What are your thoughts about that?

If we could see with the eyes of a child what a more beautiful world it would be

From all hate and terrorism’s maliciousness we would finally be set free

We would see the world through eyes of hope

We would discover different ways with society’s issues to cope

To see the truth that all of us are in this together

To be that uplifting hand in times of stormy and bitter weather


All war on this earth would end

We would no longer have enemies, only friends


The pessimists out there say this will never be

A world of brotherhood, of equality

There will always be crimes committed against humanity

People will still lie, rape, abuse, cheat and steal

Peace between all of us is imaginary, never real


This poem won’t change the world

Stop this reckless roller coaster with our destruction we are riding on

There will still be cruelty

People will continue to be abused

Terrorists will still terrorize

The foolish will not listen to the wise

Pollution will continue to ruin our planet

More kinds of animals will become extinct

Our rivers, lakes, oceans and seas will continue to die


Often, I think it must cause God to cry

How we are ruining the beauty He created for us to enjoy

But there is still time to save our world

To change this fatal path we are on

It won’t be easy

It will require us to be honest with our children

To look them in the eyes and say,

“I’m so sorry the world is this way

More sorry than any words I could ever say

I can’t change the world we live in on my own

We will need the help of a worldwide community

To find solutions to the problems all around we see

Of issues like poverty, a dying world and inequality

But this I promise I will do

I will listen to the thoughts that come from children like you

Because when you grow up you will need to look into the eyes of your children

You will need to say, ‘I know the world is far from okay, but this I hope you see

I need your eyes to see hope for our dying humanity

To show me the beauty in it you see

To save us from our destruction

To create a world of a far more beautiful construction

Believing with you such a lovely world it can be,

if I would see the world through your eyes

Help me stop it from its demise.’”

Kevin and Karen Osborne are Christian pastoral counsellors and psychotherapists. Kevin is studying to become a psychologist and professor of Psychology. He feels called to also be a chaplain. We have started You Can Hope Again Counselling. Karen enjoys doing cross-stitch while I like writing and singing songs. Karen makes me laugh when she sings the kitty bed-time song saying, “It’s that time. It’s the bestest kitty time of the day!” Kevin enjoys teasing the kitties and making them do kitty dances with music. Their kitty, Catherine, loves it when kitty daddeh sings All Things Bright and BeautifulKevin likes doing impressions.  He tells children’s stories and helps others with their problems using his hand puppet, Dr. Teddy, who is a therapy bear.  He is a partner with us in our counselling practice.We are available to assist with worship and preaching to give busy pastors and ministers a much-needed break. Please visit our counselling website, where you will also find our blogs. We offer in-office, and phone counselling to anyone in the world.

Let us dream and work together to create a more beautiful world.