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Father, I put my life in Your hands

Please prayerfully reflect on the words of this song from John Michael Talbot

For those who have not been following my blog pieces I offer this quick update. Three days ago hypothermia from a protracted viral and bacterial bug coupled with an ongoing sinus infection of three and a half months sent me to the ER at Englehart Hospital, located in northern Ontario. Since that time I have been experiencing increasing problems walking and keyboarding. My fingers keep going to the wrong keys. There is increasing shakiness in my hand and legs.  At times now I am dragging my legs in my walker. Urgent referrals have been put in motion to a number of specialists.

While this prayer is written in the singular, as your read it put yourself in as the I in the prayer because it really is for all of us.

Father, I put my life in Your hands. You know the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning. I put my trust in You, oh Lord, my rock, my fortress and my deliverer. Father, help me in my fear. I am scared of what the new normal of my life might look like. Lord, You worked a miracle on February 7, 2011 when You, my Lord, got me out of my wheelchair. Lord, is it Your will that I now go back in it? Is there ministry that You are calling me to that will require me to walk the long and difficult road of disability again?

Lord, there are so many in our world who are physically and/or developmentally challenged. They are the victims of the ignorance of others. Lord, I remember those people who laughed at the man and woman with Down Syndrome  on the bus.  Father, some people can be so cruel. That which they don’t understand nor want to understand they hate, revile and spit upon. Yet, Lord, that’s exactly what they did to Your one and only Son. Many did not understand Him. He was treated by many as a social outcast, who surely must be a raving lunatic because He had the blatant audacity  to say He was the divine Son of God. So, they who did not want to be exposed any longer to Christ’s light that showed where they were wanting conspired to have Christ crucified.

Lord, some would say that Christmas is not a time to talk about death. I should be calling people to celebrate Your life, and I am. Yet, the moment Your Son was born He was on Your path to His death.  It is in dying that we are born again. Father, it is the death of self that You are calling me and all of us to. Help us oh God, to crucify those parts of our character we hate, that we so desperately want to change. Make us a new creation in You.

This Christmas as you celebrate the meaning of Immanuel, which means God with us, be encouraged that who you are today does not have to be who you are tomorrow. Take a journey of faith and lay all of the pain and heartache of your life at the Cross. It is then that you will truly be putting your life in His hands.