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The empty chair

In all of our preparations for Christmas let us reserve a chair or two for Christmas for those souls whom society often rejects. You don’t have to look hard to find these hurting souls. They are all around you. When you take the time to look into their eyes, you can see pain and sorrow etched on their faces.

Their need knows no season. Loneliness , hunger, poverty and despair don’t just happen at Christmas. Love is needed in every life 365 days a year.

There is a gift all of us can give that is far more enduring and more valuable than the latest Ipad, Smart Phone or Ipod. It doesn’t require special gift wrap. It will never need to be returned because it isn’t working. You don’t even have to put this gift on a lay away plan.  It is rare that this gift will be returned to sender. That gift is ourselves.

Ourselves is a gift we can give every day of the year. Consider volunteering at a school, shelter, church, food bank, youth centre or social service agency. There are so many hurting souls who need the gift of your love and understanding.

As you sing the songs about Christ’s love for all during this Christmas season, please reserve a seat or two this Christmas and at all times of need for the rejected, dejected and the lonely. They are empty chairs worth filling. The love of Christ within our hearts is the greatest gift of all we can give to them.